April 1, 2018

Review: 41327 Mia's Bedroom

Bringing her favorite outdoor spots and activities into her bedroom, Mia has a special spot for Twister!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

The box is non-flanged, yet purple illusions of them are filled with 2018's new "artsy" sketchy graphics on the front.
I really like the ceiling depicted in the drawing of her room.

Back of the box art shows ... oh, wait there's a sticker covering Stephanie and Andrea due to some AFOLs, apparently, selling their support sets. Tsk-tsk.
Skateboarding down that ramp is pretty ambitious. Mia's hair is now bright orange in all the new graphics.

Top of the box shows her pet rabbit, Twister. It's nice to get confirmation of this information on the packaging, rather than hoping the product description copywrite is correct.

Making use of the side panel, a slice of Mia's stance.

Contents come in the box with the bright yellowish green (lime) 8x8 plate, instructions and sticker sheet loose; with one medium size bag of parts and one small bag of parts.
 New parts or in new colors for 2018 are: Wall corner in Lime, Plate modified with handle in reddish brown (both in small bag), also in the small bag are the new 7-petal flower and 5-petal flower pieces;
Brick with Bow 1x5x4 Inverted in Dark Azure, Arch 1x4x2 is new in Lavender, 8x8 plate is new in Lime; and her Bunny "Twister" is a new print in medium nougat, with green eyes.
 Note: title image indicates 76 pieces, S@H lists 86.  The difference must be inventory items not being rendered yet in the database I used for reference.

Mia is built first. New for 2018, Mia has a slight side-smirk smile, green eyes instead of brown, and yet still "new dark red" color of hair. Although I like that color in bricks, honestly, not many real redheads have that "henna" color naturally.
I would be very happy for Mia to have gotten bright orange hair with the 2018 changes; it would match her character's graphic depiction on the box, as well as in the new animated shows. Batgirl's hair (without the bat-ear hood) would be great for Mia!

After building Mia, we build her terrarium with a red flower -- which is a new 7-petal mold for 2018. We get Twister, her Bunny ... err, Rabbit, since she's grown -- and don her head with a Lavender bow.
Now she can supervise the building of her spot with a nice comfy bed, water bowl and carrot -- eventually "secretly hidden" behind a leafy branch.

Here is everything built before adding any bedding for Mia.  It's fun to get a "I <3 HLC" mug too!

The heart-shaped floor in bright yellowish green carries the "Heart" theme that has been accentuated in 2018 for all the Friends bedrooms, so far. Because I plan to "ReBuild" with its parts after I'm done reviewing, I elected to forgo the stickers. The graphics are fine, yet can't compete with lovely printed patterns for a tile meant as bedding.

From behind, which is meant to be against a wall, I suppose, you can see just how snug Twister is in her spot.
Mia is waiting for *any* call on her walkie-talkie ... since just one came in this set, it's anyone's guess where its twin-frequency ended up.
[Edit: Aha! The other Walkie-Talkie is in the Tree House set ... makes sense. ]

Spare parts are always welcome -- especially super-small elements that can slip away easily. Three pairs of tran-purple sunglasses come in this set. This gives you a better look at the new flowers: Orange one is the new 5-petal version that comes also in other colors, and is being used across themes; the new 7-petal red flower with a long stem reminds me a bit of 2012's.
Her orange binoculars are somewhat rare, being in only one other set (Star Wars: 75176 Resistance Transport Pod) and we get a spare!

For a small set, there's a nice variety of parts and I made this quick "Alternate" build and could easily do a few more. Although I like the branchy-knob-steps up to her bed in this set, and the concept of a treehouse -- I do think the ramp is a stretch in this tight space.
So, I imagined a "Reading Tree" area for her room -- like I have seen in real life kids rooms.
It's also a fun concept I've seen at libraries and book stores.
Let's pretend it's raining, and she can't go outside: Storytime under the Reading Tree is where Twister wants to be!


This build is very compact and a good use of space for a bedroom that's not just splayed out across a room. It is meant to "represent" a treehouse, and I understand that, however, the flagpole is a bit much for me. I do like Mia's new character motif of the Lightning-bolt with a sprig of green leaves. I do like her color combo of green/purple/azure.
This is the second rendition of a bedroom for Mia -- the first was #3939 in 2012 and consists of musical drums.
Here is a link to my own "Alternate" build of #3939 way back in 2012.

Mia has never has an actual house set of her own, so this is all we know of her homelife, this far.

There are two other bedroom sets in 2018's 1st wave, and the next wave will see one for Andrea and Emma. 41327 comes across as ripe for being built as an addition to the set that is her "hand-me-down" Tree House (41335). Yet, on its own merit, it's a good solid small set, especially if you're a Mia fan!

All inventory information is based on Brickset's embeded TLG's inventory page.


Melody Silverleaf said...

I love this set and I love the way you rebuilt it as a reading nook.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I really like this set and your rebuild idea! I like the treehouse-themed bed which could be made into an actual treehouse with a bit of imagination, and Mia's new look especially her outfit which is more age-appropriate and relatable than the flimsy outfits of some of the older Friends sets!

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