March 25, 2018

Review: 41328 Stephanie's Bedroom

It's a 5:59AM. Time to get up. According to this list, Stephanie and Dash have a busy day ahead.

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For 2018 the box features some new designs. The Friends with their new looks are together in a heart whereas there used to be a ribbon across the box. The new design also has stars, hearts, music notes, paint brushes, gears and a darker shade of purple. The butterfly on the Friends logo has been replaced with a trademark symbol.

The back of the box shows the features of the Stephanie's bedroom and Stephanie.

The sides of the box now feature more pictures of the set. Before it used to be mostly text and a 1:1 scale picture.

The safety warnings are still there. This is a not for sale set, thus the UPC code is covered up.

Inside the box, there are 3 un-numbered bags, a 8x8 medium azure plate (new for 2018), an instruction booklet and a stick sheet. One of the bags has a QR code that reads "6201540" on my mobile phone.

Let's look at the instruction booklet. The front cover has the new design.

The back still looks the same to me. Don't forget to give feedback.

Here we have the pages with the parts list.

We have pictures of the 3 bedroom sets of the current wave.

Heartlake City seems to have changed in the redesign. There is much construction going on.

Here are the contents of the bags.

Stephanie's head and legs are new for 2018. The dog is available in one other set (41300).

Stephanie's torso is new for 2018.

The 5 petal magenta flower plate is new for 2018. This set also has two printed tiles.

Here is a close up for the sticker sheet.

The Stephanie minidoll has been re-imagined for 2018. Can you notice any differences?

Let's start building. The instructions are easy to follow along step by step.

Way cool, I really like the heart shape built baseplate. <3

Hey, what do you think you're doing, Stephanie? I am not finished yet.

After kicking Stephanie off her bed and some more building, we are left with these extra parts.

Here is the completed set. You can see Stephanie likes sports.  Can we call her Sporty Steph?

Hole in one! She can practice for the LPGA tour in her bedroom.

She can use her bedroom window as a mirror.
Woah, who are you?
I am the 2012-2017 you.

Here are Stephanies. They still have the same hair. New Stephanie's mouth and eyes are larger. Her eyes also have a new shade of blue. What do you think of Stephanie version 2.0?

Here @ FriendsBricks we like to do an alternative build. Stephanie's bedroom could be re-imagined into living room with a couch and a 3D TV showing a TV commercial for the latest and greatest in hair brushes.

That ultra-realistic commercial got Stephanie to order one on her mobile phone for brushing Dash.

It has been 5 years since the Andrea's bedroom set. We are finally seeing bedrooms again. This is a set to collect with Olivia's and Mia's bedroom sets. I believe there might be 2 more bedroom sets coming for the second half of the year. Get them all and have an awesome slumber party.

Thanks for reading!

Note: All exclusive parts mentioned in the colours noted were applicable at the time this review was posted. Parts may be available in other colours and sets after the post of this review. Brickset and BrickLink were used to verify this information.


Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer the old mini-dolls and think the sets in 2018 really lack of originality.

Xyra Silverleaf said...

Great set! I am a bit concerned she is using an hockey stick to play golf, but maybe Stephanie did not want to go looking for a golf club.

I think she is cute. Honestly, I like both the new and previous versions of the mini dolls. Makes it easier to use them as different people instead of little clones if imaginative rebuilding includes a crowd scene.

I have Mia's bedroom and LOVE it!

Blondwave said...

I think that it's cool set, but the new Stephanie looks more... excessive, arificial, with her thick lipstick and large smile.

Animalland9 said...

Awesome review! I would love to see you do Olivia's set if you haven't already. Though I'm more of an Elves type of person, I used to adore the old Friends. To be honest, at first I was quite annoyed but then, after reading why they did it, I am beginning to like them. I might even get back into liking Friends as I did when I was younger. And hi Blondwave, y'know me! Anyway, the new Stephanie looks a bit unrealistic, kinda like Disney came along and turned her face into the face of their new princess with features too big and disproportionate. However, Lego tried and I might get used to it. Eventually. :D

FantasyWave said...

This is a great set! I look forward to getting it. At first, I was a little upset with the new figures but now, I totally adore them and want to get a collection of them! Keep up the good work guys!

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