June 5, 2018

Review: 41342 Emma's Deluxe Bedroom

Sculpting clay and painting in a beautiful deluxe bedroom can certainly be inspirational for the creative type! Emma is surrounded by her artistic flair as she photographs her latest work-of-art!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

Box front: Without the previous brand ribbon on top, we can see her room has crown molding that resembles studs. The purple area with 2018 art doodles on each side are faux flanges; the box sides are all flat.
Her aqua window drapes match her bed's canopy sash. The retro telephone in black is a prominent item in this truly "Deluxe" bedroom full of eye-catching details.
The 2018 Heart insert upper right, with the 5 main Friends is HLC style, so we know this set isn't part of any sub-theme. Emma's cameo insert is encircled by light Lavender brush or pen stroke.

Box back: Treasures in her trunk, working functions of her clay sculpting table, getting a call, painting on her easel, and pampering Chico all add to the "artists retreat" feel of this deluxe bedroom.

The box for this small set shows the LEGO Life ad on the top. The random brick creations are all in Emma-colors -- along with her art doodles and elements. We get to see her retro phone and a better view of her bed's comforter design -- a drawing of Chico!
The mini-doll size-ratio insert shows us her new for 2018 outfit. The stencil-paint-sprayed purple heart backdrop appears on other sets.

The side "scene slice" shows Emma snapping a picture of Chico.

Box contents: instructions booklet, four non-numbered bags of parts (each bag a different size), sticker sheet, and 8x8 plate in medium Lavender (which is apparently new for 2018).

Parts from Large bag:
New for 2018: 4x8 (1/2 Circle) Plate in Medium Lavender; only in this set and Disney's Rapunzel's Castle Bedroom 41156.

Parts from Medium bag:
New for 2018: Emma's Lavender/Lilac/Aqua top with polka-dots, ruffled collar with bow sash.

Rare in this color: Voodoo Ball Ø10,2 in medium Lilac (dark purple) - only in three other sets; 2 new 2018 UniKitty sets and previously in Marvel Super Heroes Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack 76103

The two smaller bag parts will get mentioned if they are new or rare as we build with them throughout this review. Since the bags are not numbered, we open both before beginning to build -- mostly due to needing Emma's pieces!

First we build Emma and Chico's stand. I love the gold tassel!
(A rare part -- official name is Quaste and found only in NinjaGO sets.)

When I first saw the box art, I thought Chico's stand was a fancy perfume atomizer; during the build, I realized they are cat toys on the stand.  As for the 'perch' ... you know how cats like to be eye-level or higher than their owners, right?

Emma in 2018 has brown eyes (used to be green) and a slight eye angle change. Her top is dark Lilac polka-dots over Lavender, with a ruffle collar and sash bow. Her dark Lilac skirt and Aqua Mary-Janes complete and copy the colors in her bedroom.

Next we build the gear mechanism for the clay sculpting table. The Technic pieces fit a specific way to allow the gear teeth to interact.

You can see the dark tan Technic axle inserted to engage both gears.

The clay sculpting table complete with chisel, clay, turning tray, and Emma's work of art!
Turn the grey knob clockwise to rotate the sculpture counter-clockwise.

Now we begin on the dark Lilac wall with stained-glass window onto the Lavender rug.

We add the cord poster board (sticker onto nougat tile), easel platform base, "ruffled" bed skirt -- then create her bed cover with plates, slope, tiles, and a super cute sticker drawing of Chico! Topped off with Lavender flowers "embroidered" and add it to Emma's bed.

We get to build her dresser as a separate piece of furniture -- which I love! Also, the shiny black and tan combo reminds me of Asian-style black lacquered furniture I saw during my time there.

We add the tray of paint jars and easel with a sticker of Emma's art of a Lotus flower, certainly showing Asian flair -- complete with paintbrush and Chico's "signature" -- oops!
The trunk at the foot of her bed it built right onto the base. It will secure these two keepsake event show tickets.

After building the retro phone and placing flower into the vase -- we install columns and move onto her canopy. We build it onto a plate that is actually a trap door frame piece. (In case you wondered what those curved receiving sockets were.)
After applying the Lavender tiles for the top, we turn it over and build the canopy sashes with lovely aqua inverted slopes -- which are otherwise only found in Elves sets.

Emma's bed section is complete. It looks so pretty with its Lavender heart shape!
All the 5 main Friends bedrooms for 2018 are set upon heart-shaped rugs.

The other side of her bed still let's us see the ruffled bed skirt. The view of her stained-glass window as seen from outside her room's wall.

On the easel side -- a dark grey 2x2 tile got placed onto the white brick base -- so if you tilt up the easel, you could set something there. The paint jars are attached to the underside of the hinged plate so the paintbrush can be inserted into the 1x1 rounds.

This truly is the best angle to see her completed bed. The aqua canopy sashes are part of those extra design details we have come to expect from Friends. I just adore the columned bed. There is so much to look at in just this one Heart-shape!

The complete set build --arranged per instructions.

This might when Chico added paw-signature to Emma's painting ...

Emma sees the paw prints, yet cannot be mad at Chico!
The bed cover is even more cute with 2 Chicos.

A quick picture of Chico -- all pampered with a bow.

Spare parts

All the main Friends bedroom sets for 2018 page in the instructions booklet.

Emma decides to chisel a bit more on her creation; maybe it will end up in a museum one day. Meanwhile, Chico is very busy playing with that tassel.


Clever building techniques, cute scenes, colors in Emma's style, compact and yet luxurious, makes this small set earn the "Deluxe" bedroom title. I love that we get moving gears because it teaches and reminds new (and old) builders there's so many Technic possibilities.

The building steps are easy to follow, yet lead you to start thinking about many ways to create a room. The styles Emma likes have been blended so nicely here, with subtle hints of Asian influence.
Building a stained-glass window rather than applying a sticker gets extra points from me!

All of the drawers are faux -- using a jumper tile to look like knobbed pull-out type. It could be the older cabinets with tiny (softer plastic) drawers that don't connect solidly are not as popular as brick-built now. The trunk opens though, so that's nice.

When I look at the image of all 5 bedrooms, I see many fun, clever, and well-designed aspects that speak to each girls' personality. I don't feel compelled to "ReBuild" Emma's for some reason; perhaps because I found myself playing a wee bit (as evident by my last few images).
It's so much like a real-life girls bedroom that I remember from childhood. Kudos to the designer!

Brickset's embed of TLG's inventory for 41342 was used to verify parts.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE this set, especially with the inclusion of Emma's kitty, Chico. I purchase every set with a cat in it, and am especially fond of the sets that depict a loving relationship between human and cat, as in the case of the sets with Emma. Thank you Lego for making more set with cats in them. Now, we just need some more new styles of cats added to the sets (maybe Emma can adopt another cat?). It would be especially nice to see some black cats being included in more sets too (and not just for Halloween). Love this set, and will definitely be purchasing it!

Xyra Silverleaf said...

Thank you for the great review on this one. I like it but didn't have it on my wish list...until you did a close up on the sculpting table! I've been trying to design something and the parts from the design table would really help me. Plus the stained glass window is super cool! Thank you, again.

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