June 2, 2018

Review: 41350 Spinning Brushes Car Wash

It looks like Zack has a summer job. He'll be keeping everything cool and clean at this full service station!

Mia has arrived to get some much needed attention, for her new electric go-kart.

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This set comes in a medium sized box with a new Go-Kart racing theme! The front of the box depicts five of Heart Lake City's most competitive BFF's putting their hands in for a "GO TEAM" celebration of their friendship. In the background a race track and crowd stand are depicted.  A very distinctive checkered flag wraps around the side and back of the box.
This set included 2 mini-dolls (Zack and Mia), a rabbit, Mia's Go-Kart and launcher, and a nifty service station with car wash!

Inside the box you will find an instruction guide, a sticker sheet, and three numbered parts bags.

The numbered bags include these Lego parts.

The instruction book includes 108 pages and has a flat glued binding.  This makes the book difficult to use unless you fold over some of the pages.
As usual, the instructions are well laid out, are easy to follow, and include the usual bag breakdown, parts list, and some marketing materials.

The first thing you get to put together are the Mini-dolls, Mia and Zack.  Zack is a new Lego Friends mini doll. 
Check out Mia's new Helmet, and Zack's baseball cap!  These are brand new elements for 2018.
There is nothing new about the bunny rabbit though... His name is "Twister" and he sure is cute!
The helmet element has an integrated ponytail, and is a dual mold using two different plastics. The ponytail section is made from a flexible material.  The mini doll heads, torsos and legs all have new prints.  Mia's torso print is very detailed and has a distinctive racing outfit theme, it also has two differently colored arm's.  Zack's torso print appears to be a tropical pattern, which is perfect for summer time activities!

This set also includes one Tile, Round Corner 2x2 Macaroni, for the first time now colored in Dark Azure:

One of the first things you build is Mia's racing go-kart.  All the Go-Kart's being released this summer begin with the same base build design, as seen here:
Additional elements are added to make each one distinctive.

Mia's Go-Kart is electric and boasts on on-board solar panel to keep the battery charged at peak capacity.

After building the go-kart you build the service station and car wash.

The car wash includes a conveyor platform that is used to move the car through the car wash, much like real life automated car washes do!
It's a simply mechanism, consisting of a few gears and a manual winding knob.  You simply drive the go-kart up onto the platform, wind the knob, and the car is moved through the car wash!

Here is everything that is included in the final build:
The go kart also includes a launcher, seen at the back, which you use to propel the go kart for some racing action!

As Mia's go-kart is electric, she can use the charging station to top up the batteries!

The shop includes many thoughtful details that add to the play value.
After topping up her go karts batteries, Mia enters the shop to pay Zack for the fuel and to get a car wash ticket.  In the shop she could also get a coffee, or a drink.  She may even stick around and watch some videos on the screen, while her car gets washed, or she may just take everything to go.

Mia paid for a Deluxe Wash and Shine, so Zack is pre-washing her go-karts wheel rims, and some of the more difficult to get at spots, before sending her kart though the car wash system.
As the car enters the automated washing station, the scrubbing rollers lift up and go over the car, and a shiny go-kart comes out from the back.
There are many little details included like the nozzles for dispensing soap and rinsing, their are also viewing windows at the side of the wash system.

This is a well thought out set with many play features.  Providing two mini-dolls was a good idea, as it makes for more realistic play options.  While the go-kart launcher is fun, its even more fun in pairs, so I'd recommend getting an additional 2018 summer set with another go-kart and launcher so two can play.

While the building is open and has no roof, the play value is high as all the important areas are easily accessible.  This set was a straight forward build, with no surprises.  The car wash mechanism while simple is effective and works every time.

I hope you found some valuable insights in my review of this set.
Thanks, Tyler

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