June 4, 2018

Review: 41352 The Big Race Day

Welcome to Heart Lake City's Race headquarters!  Race day is here, and our best drivers are going to put on a great show!  Everyone prepare to START YOUR ENGINES!

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The Friends Go-Kart racing sets come in boxes with a distinct racing theme.  Each box has a checkered flag that wraps around the sides to the back, and a depiction of a race track in the background.  The front of the box also shows five of Heart Lake City's most competitive BFF's putting their hands in for a "GO TEAM" celebration of their friendship.
The back of the box pictures many small scenes suggesting various play ideas.  All of which appear to be a lot of fun. 

The box contains five numbered parts bags, one clear bag containing a few large parts, one large sticker sheet, and two instruction booklets of differing sizes.

The instruction books are typical of other Lego guides, each step is clearly identified and are easy to follow. 

At the back of the large instruction book are the following two pages.  The page on the left shows Stephanie outfitted in her racing attire.  This page also shows various possibilities for how the racing go-karts can designed with differing parts.  The page on the right shows the other 2018 Go Kart themed sets.

While this set includes three friends, you will initially build two mini dolls using the first parts bag.  On the left is Mia, and on the right is Vicky!  Vicky looks very mischievous with her raised eyebrow and crooked grin.   She would likely do almost anything to win! 
Each of the three mini dolls included in this set have new prints on their faces, torsos and legs.  The Crash Helmets are a new dual mold which uses a softer plastic for the pony tail.

At the end of bag 1 one, you will have built the following items, including the starting line, two mini dolls, the launcher and one Go Kart!  You also get a few extra pieces.

Using bag two you will initially build the third friend, Stephanie.  This bag also contains three pets including Vega the cat, Dash the dog, and Twister the rabbit.

At the end of Bag two you will have built 2 additional Go Kart's and Launching mechanisms.  You also get a brick separator, and some more spare parts.
At this point you will have completed the steps from the smaller instructions book.

The larger instruction book provides directions for putting together the main building, finish line, and winners podium!

There is a minor error in step 32 of the instructions.  In this step you will build an 8x2 sign and are shown to attach it to the front of the building above the door.  Unfortunately, the instructions show the sign being placed 1 stud too low.  If you follow them the door won't be able to open.  This is easily fixed by attaching it one stud higher.  The image below on the left shows the instruction step, this prevents the door from opening.  The image on the right, of the actual build shows the sign in the correct position.
The first level of the drivers' center consists of a main entry room, its spare and simply has a small water cooler, event poster, and a decorated wall.  Their is also a small bathroom which has its own door and is accessible from at the side  of the building.

The top floor of the building is much more interesting, and consists of a gaming room, and three large viewing windows to watch the real race happening down on the track!

Here is a more detailed photo of the gaming room in this top floor.
The room has a miniature race track, two controllers and two remotely controlled race cars!
The cars are a simple build consisting of a mini-fig roller skate with a round 1x1 tile on top of it.

Like the other Go Kart sets, each go kart is supplied with a separate launcher, that you can use to propel the car across your room.

Here is a potential play scene.   Do you see the camera drone?  This is another example of a simple but effective build!

A winners podium is also provided, with trophies for everyone, Yayy!!!  😉

As you can see, this set provides all the necessary components for kids to literally put together an exciting race experience.  There are three cars, which will encourage them to play with others.

This was a fun set to build, and offers quite a lot of play value considering it size.  I recommend this one for like minded siblings and real life friends.


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