February 25, 2019

Review: 41367 Stephanie's Horse Jumping

Watch that fence. Jump! Stephanie is in the show jumping contest. Will she be able to defend her champion title?

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

The front of the box features the set in a country setting. There is no sign of Heartlake City in the distance like some other sets. There is a little insert of Stephanie grooming her horse.

The back of the box shows the play features of the set. There are carrot treats, working fences, horse grooming area, winner's podium, and how to switch between blanket and saddle.

The sides of box have 1:1 scale of Stephanie, names of the horses and Zack, safety warnings in multiple languages. Not for children under 3 years of age and not for sale in North America region due the box lacking the NA labeling requirements.

This side of the box has the country of origin information and a URL for LEGO.com/life. On the other side is a little scene of Stephanie jumping a Swedish oxer fence.

Inside the box, we have 3 numbered bags, 1 un-number bag, 1 sticker sheet, and 1 instruction booklet.

Let's look at the instruction booklet. The cover features the same scene from the box front and there is a QR code to download the app and digital instructions to your smart device.

The back has the new Emma now with brown eyes instead of green. I think the camera took the green away.

Here we have the part list and part numbers.

There are only 5 stickers to apply for this set.

Here are the contents of bag #1.

Here are the contents of the larger bag.

Here are the contents of the smaller bag.

Let's get to the fun part of building. The instructions are easy to follow step by step. I didn't run into any complications.

Here's Stephanie. She is wearing a new magenta riding jacket with a horse logo. The torso is new with this set.

Next up, Zack. He is wearing a new blue shirt with horse shoes and an undershirt with a horse wearing glasses. The torso is also new with this set.

Here we have the two horses. The black one (Paddy) is available in 2 other sets. The medium dark flesh horse (Lucy) is new with this set.

Completing bag #1, we have a stack of hay and pitchfork. There is a winner's podium and TV camera. (All those yellow stars remind me of the LEGO Movie 2.) We have a single rail and a Swedish oxer fence.

Onward to bag #2.
-The dark blue 1x5x3 door with 3 studs and handle are new with this set.
-The bright pink modified plate with 2 studs is available in one other set (Heart Box Friendship pack).

The contents of the larger bag.

The contents of the smaller bag.

Finishing bag #2, we have the stables. Should we give Stephanie and Zack a carrot for doing a good job helping me?

The back features a grooming area. You can brush and wash the horses here to get them ready.

Oops, careful with the water hose.

Now that we have cooled down, let's go to bag #3.
-The bright pink round corner 4x4 macaroni tile is available also in Downtown Diner and Heart Box Friendship pack.

The contents of the small bag.
-The yellow flag is also available in Emma's Bumper Car and Marina.

Here is the completed set. The balcony and TV topped off the building. Zack has hay bedding changing duty.

These are extras and pieces not used following the instructions.


Like fire and police in the LEGO CITY theme, horses are a stable staple in Friends. We had similar sets like Heartlake Stables (2012), Heartlake Horse Show (2014), and Heartlake Riding Club (2016). With this set we get to see more of the competitive nature of Stephanie from Heartlake Sports Arena. We get new torsos for Stephanie and Zack. We get a couple pieces in new colors. With 2 horses you can play with a friend or relative. Groom them and accessorize with bows and ribbons.  Go riding and jumping.

I enjoyed making different fences and obstacles for horses and riders to jump with pieces of LEGO I have in my collection.  It can be a barrel of fun designing a course. Although, I am not sure jumping over the hamsters wall is sanctioned by the horse jumping governing bodies. Friends sets do encourage creative play. ;-)

Thanks for reading!

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Awesome review!!! Btw, in which other set is Stephanie's bottom piece available? I don't remember seeing it before. Thank you :).

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