April 26, 2020

Review: 41406 Stephanie's Shopping Play Cube

Beauty Shop displays need to grab a customer's attention. After setting out bows and perfumes, Stephanie is offering Lipstick samples. Her winning smile will be hard to resist!

Box front shows Stephanie in front of her beauty shop as part of Series #2 of Friends play cubes. The side panel shows a collage of all animals and colors possible in these cubes; this series new cube front color is easy to see as it protrudes out the front -- held in place by 2 studs. The back shows all the Shopping Cubes arranged in a heart shape.

Box contents: Cube in Stephanie's signature color of Azure blue and the new satin pink; instructions pamphlet; largest parts bag; and sticker sheet.

Large bag of parts: The Lavender 2x6 plate with 1x6 upwards studs is only in this series 5 cubes, and Trolls Pop Village Celebration as the base inside a purple pod.
The Magenta (bright reddish violet) 1x2x2 brick is rare, otherwise only in Disney's Mulan's Training Grounds 43182.

Stephanie is wearing the same palm trees graphic raglan sporty t-shirt as in the Friendship Bus 41395. Here it's paired with a navy skirt and her standard white and azure sneakers. The back of her top has a slight gather in the fabric printed. A nod to her active lifestyle and details fans enjoy!

Cube contents: Mystery surprise randomly placed new color animal with loads of question marks; brochure of other cubes (with peek at Series #3 cover color); and small parts bag.

Small parts bag: Although nothing new to 2020, lots of great parts. One can never have enough pink heart gems; plus the newish white rounded plate with 2 studs is a versatile part and good to have.

First we apply the beauty shop wall sticker, then add 1x1 yellow lights. The pink palm fronds against azure coordinate with Stephanie's shirt. The pink and blue of this cube is really fun. Once again, the details the graphic designers put into these stickers seem under appreciated by many AFOLs. The round mirror isn't foil, it's graphically made to appear as such.
Oh, I just noticed a "gear" necklace -- maybe Olivia will come buy it and bring her some chocolate :-)

We build both module onto the Lavender plates. The mirror sticker on the clear panel isn't foil, yet printed with graphics to seem so -- along with Steph's star motifs. Quite straight forward designs -- including an angled rack using those hinge pieces. The hair accessories stand out nicely against the aqua.

Everything built and installed into the cube, plus 11 spare parts. Considering they are small, and many transparent (easily lost), this amount is in-line with most Friends sets.

Here is a close up of the stickers. Only 1, 2 and 3 are in the instructions -- the rest are for the cube's builder to decide for placement. I didn't apply #3 sticker to the perfume stand; I just like the magenta to show.
I like the butterfly stickers -- they remind me of the launch of LEGO Friends in 2012 :-)

Ready for our *surprise* animal color??? . . .

A Purple Poodle it is! Medium Lilac to be precise. Although not a new mold for this Poodle, it has appeared in 7 sets since 2013; all white a pink collar, except one with a Lavender sash collar. The same sash type of collar as 2013's Poodles Little Palace 41021, except in a shimmery blue. The eyes are the same shimmery blue.

We put the new poodle (past sets have the name Lady) into Steph's beauty shop cube. This is now everything in this set.
When seeing the images the first time, I figured the animal would go on the left side for some reason.

This cube is certainly pretty!

There are four possible colors of this Poodle; placed randomly in the cubes. There's no "feel" chart or other reference.

All the Series #2 cubes have a satin trans-dark pink front section. Although the cubes can be taken apart and go back together via hinges, I'm never compelled to do that.

Showing all the animals in randomly placed "surprise" colors paired with the 5 cubes in this series is the brochure included. It also gives a peek at Series #3 covers being a satin blue color. Those stickers hint at a beach setting.

We can close the cube with modules as they are -- everything fits. Then the builder can place the stickers where they want -- of their own design.

I decided to turn the shop into a salon for pets: Who's a pretty Poodle?

Now with a Lavender bow for her poodle, Stephanie can convert it back to a beauty shop -- for beauty accessories and supplies.
This image captures the true medium Lilac color the best of all these -- it really is dark-reddish-purple, not dark-bluish-purple.

The poodle can only fit this direction on those 2 jumpers. That's the spot I had thought the animal would be sitting ... guess not.  Of course I can just rotate the direction of those 2 jumpers for it to face out.
Stephanie is getting herself ready for customers -- the world can always use more beauty!


Lots of fun can be had building and playing with this cube for sure! All the extra accessories will be a draw for some fans. I like the hinged rack with hair bows, and it's a good building idea for store MOCs.

If you're a Poodle fan, I'd recommend you get this cube for the fun of seeing the color you get! The entire beauty shop concept fits into Friends theme, as well as any mall in the world. Stephanie can be sporty, competitive, strong, smart, love to bake, and want to look her best all the same!

AFOLs can easily create fun scenes with Friends cubes -- and this one offers a decent selection of magenta bricks. Of course the target group will enjoy toting this around; just mind all the small parts, parents. As a small concise build, it's a beauty!

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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