April 25, 2020

Review: 41407 Olivia's Shopping Play Cube

Making just the right liquid chocolate viscosity takes science -- so Olivia knows her Candy Store will hit the sweet spot for any shopping trip!

The box front shows Olivia offering a sample from her Chocolate Fountain (yum!) in front of other candy selections. We see on the side panel all the possible surprise colors and other animals for all the 5 cubes this wave. The cube protrudes out the front, secured by 2 top studs; and on the back is a heart-shaped collage of all the shopping cubes.

Box contents: A pink Cube all around for Olivia, with stuff inside; instructions pamphlet, small large parts bag, and sticker sheet -- which is in great shape due to tight fit into the teardrop-shaped box. All items are tucked in above the cube.

Large parts bag contents: Nothing really new, yet I always like getting clear mini-fig heads. The two Lavender 2x6 plates with 1x6 upward studs are in all 5 shopping cubes, plus Trolls Village Pop Celebration as interior base for a purple pod.

Olivia is wearing her video game ghost graphic top under her shimmery blue double breast button Vest over a dark pink skirt. Her navy & dark azure space-themed leggings with dark pink slip-ons tie this out fit all together; especially with that cool yellow zig-zag pattern on her top completing her color combo. It's the same as in 41375 Heartlake City Amusement Pier; and she wore the same shirt and vest in 41366 Olivia's Cupcake Café and 41359 Heart Box Friendship Pack.
The back of the vest has no print, just all shimmery blue! The side pockets (or gather tabs) with buttons are the adorable details we love about Friends!

Open the cube to find a "surprise" pillow box with loads of question marks all over it (pink to match this wave's cover), a small parts bag, and a brochure about other cubes -- plus a peek at Series #3 color.

Small bag parts: Lots of lovely printed sweet food! A builder can never have enough heart tarts, or peppermint swirls!

First we add lights of trans-yellow 1x1s -- and this is when I noticed for the first time that inside the recessed studs on the solid color side, the LEGO Logo! So small, of course it doesn't show in my photo.
Applying the large store background sticker is best holding the cube sideways, the find where the curve stops on the top -- and start with sticker top. Luckily these newer sticker are quite forgiving for moving a bit.
In the product images, it's hard to appreciate the beautiful detail the LEGO graphic designers put into each sticker. This curio cabinet for candy jars is like an old fashioned store. The pink & white striped wallpaper and pendant banner freshen it up. The carving details and bottom cupboard are just lovely.

First we build the Chocolate Fountain module, with register, and one stick with marshmallow to place under the falling chocolate sauce - yum!

Next is the Gumball machine and Candy rack. Both magenta cone and 2x4 plate get hidden -- yet it's always nice to get that color. Dark Azure and Cool Yellow are her colors and more prominent.
We get 13 spare parts -- since they are all small and easily lost.

Both modules installed into her Candy Store cube -- along with Olivia ready for a customer.
All that's missing is our "surprise" color animal.

First, let's look at all the stickers you can decorate the candy store with; plus another look at that lovely curio cabinet.

The surprise is a purple Teddy Bear! Stuffed teddy bears are often paired with candy for gifts -- so this is perfect. I love the heart on its shimmery pinkish Lavender tummy!
The eyes are a wee bit scary -- yet to represent button-eyes with a sheen must be tricky. The Lavender/pale pink shimmery snout gives the face more dimension. Cute ears too!

Sitting next to the Gumball machine, this purple stuffed bear is just waiting for a candy lover to hug!
This completes the building activity of this shopping play cube.

Of all the 4 color possibilities, this cube has a medium Lilac randomly placed animal. Even though the product description says "pet" for this wave -- not all really are -- just various animal forms.

Satin trans-dark pink is the color of all shopping cube fronts. It first appeared in Disney's Aurora's Royal Carriage.
It pairs great with Olivia's dark pink.

The brochure shows all the other possible animal colors placed randomly in their coordinated cubes. Plus, we get a peek at Series #3 cubes coming Summer 2020 with satin blue cube front, and a vacation theme. Message in bottle hints at a beach setting -- all those stickers are cute too!

It's really quite clever all the designers managed to fit into this size of a container.

This Candy Store is now closed and ready for the rest of the stickers to be placed where the builder wants ... perhaps with help from a bear ;-)
Even though there's no back print, I wanted to show its cute bum!

Someone bought the Teddy bear and a chocolate covered marshmallow from Olivia. Sweet success for her Candy Store cube!


Shopping for LEGO makes me need a sweet pick-me-up; so I think this cube is a fun way to build an activity that's very familiar. All the shopping cubes have offered various types of things we find at malls. These small builds onto the Lavender plates are clever. The Gumball machine is easily recognizable -- even in miniature.

For an avid Olivia or candy fan, I recommend this cube. Of course, there are other LEGO Teddy Bear versions and collectors. The fun of getting more colors might lure lots of fans.

The amount of spare parts with prints makes this cube a good buy for AFOLs who want more of those. As a storage container, the cubed pink solid coloring is attractive. Kinda like cotton candy ...

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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