February 19, 2013

LEGO Friends Books from DK

Hi, I'm Maya! This is my first article as a news staff member here at the Heartlake Times

Our news page got its name from Heartlake City's newspaper where Olivia's father Peter works as editor! How do I know he works for the newspaper? Because they say so in one of the LEGO Friends books! 

These books give you cute little personal details about the Friends characters that you would not have known otherwise. For example, can you answer the following questions?

1) What's Olivia's mother's profession?
2) Two of the main five Friends girls are cousins. Do you know which characters?

3) Where does Olivia know Nicole from? 

4) Who is Stephanie's penpal?

You can answer them all if you have read all of the DK books that are currently available. 

In March 2012, the first two DK Readers books were released: "Friends Forever" and "Welcome to Heartlake City" written by Helen Murray. These two books introduce you to all the Friends characters, places and activities from the Friends sets released in January 2012. The pages are filled with colorful pictures mostly from the official LEGO Friends photos that you see on the product packages.

                              LEGO Friends: Friends Forever (DK Readers Series Level 3)
                                    ($3.99 USA)
                           LEGO Friends: Welcome to Heartlake City (DK Readers Level 4)
                             ($3.99 USA)

Then in October 2012, DK released LEGO Friends Brickmaster. It comes with more than 100 LEGO pieces, and the 48-page book contains a short adventure story with Mia and her school friend Chloe. It also has several step-by-step instructions for the models that go with the story. The book section was written by Victoria Taylor and the LEGO Friends Design Team worked on the designs of the models.

LEGO Friends Brickmaster
($29.99 USA)
This year has already seen the release of two additional DK Readers books: "Let's Go Riding" and "Summer Adventures" written by Catherine Saunders. The original release date for them was March 4th, 2013, buy they became available in mid-February in the US. The stories revolve around the sets released during summer 2012 as well as all the polybags from 2012 (such as Olivia's desk). Once again, all the pictures used in these books look familiar because they used the official set photos from LEGO.

                                 DK Reader Level 3: LEGO Friends: Let's Ride
                                       ($3.99 USA)
DK Reader Level 2: LEGO Friends: Summer Adventure
($3.99 USA)
At the same time with the new DK Readers, "LEGO Friends Ultimate Sticker Collection" was also released. It contains lots of stickers and each sticker page is printed twice. The first 32 pages are non-sticker pages, and these are where many of the stickers can be applied; it is also filled with cute little information about the characters, items and places.

Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO Friends
($12.99 USA)

These books can be found on amazon and at many other book sellers. 

In my next article, I will talk about the two other new LEGO Friends books published by Scholastic, as well as future LEGO Friends books.  

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