January 28, 2020

Review: 30411 Chocolate Box and Flower

Just in time for Valentine's, Friends present a hearty box of chocolates and a lovely Lavender flower!

This polybag is the first for Friends in 2020 and with 75 pieces, it provides an enjoyable build -- plus enough parts and inspiration for rebuilding alternate models.
Carrying the dark purple 2020 corner graphics, HLC skyline, and BFF heart -- this bag matches Friends set boxes.

The polybag contents: One double-sided instructions pamphlet, loose parts and a small inner baggie. Mostly common pieces, except the 6x6 pink heart plates are only in this polybag and Heartlake City Hospital 41394. They are the same that appeared in Heart Box Friendship Pack 41359 in flame yellowish orange.
The 1x4 Lavender bricks with bow are in only 2 other sets.

Instructions are clear and you can see theme here. I didn't think taking a photo of them would be as good as the LEGO pdf graphics.
We build upside-down for the flower; when I turned over the center section it just looked like a troll or elf to me! ;-)
It's good practice to use the grey antenna/stick piece to reinforce the green 1x1s for the stem.

The petal section attach with the tan 1x1s with 2-knobs on the two sides.
You can build either the flower or heart box of chocolates first -- each instruction side is independent.

We tile the inside bottom of the heart box so the chocolates are easy to remove.
We also tile the side walls so the top can be removed -- yet still secure with 3 studs, so the chocolates won't just fall out.

The chocolates we build per instructions. My guess is: Strawberry cream chocolate, Mint nougat topped with chocolate, and Tiramisu topped with a cherry.
There's enough spares to change these up a bit if you want.

We then build the heart top upside down and place the chocolates inside the bottom. Lid recess leaves room enough for the fancy tops and to pull them out.

Once you secure the heart box top and set out the flower, it's a lovely gift item and desk accessory!

Polybag back has a narrow "window" to see inside, and a Legoland coupon.
We get seven spare parts of those small ones that get lost easy. Also nice for making new creations.

One of my rebuilds is a small rose (something like Beast's without the glass dome ;-)

A butterfly using those beautiful heart plates ... I plan to make more elaborate markings for another butterfly with more colored tiles from my collection. They really are the perfect shape.

Spring Crocus (or Tulip), and also showing more possibilities for rebuilding a flower base/vase with just the parts in this polybag.

Beyond chocolates and flowers, these parts also gave me ideas for desk or table decorations. You could put a number sticker or tile onto the heart to indicate which table it is for event seating. Or just use it to make you smile when you sit at work :-)

Summary: This might be my favorite polybag of Friends yet! Seventy-five is a lot of parts for this type of set, and they are all very usable. Although I might like the Lavender bricks with bow as 1x2 instead; the 1x4 are good for cylindrical flowers, yet more tricky for trying to make round daisy shape without clip bricks. Still, I will happily use these Lavender lovelies in the future.

Even though this polybag is Friends theme, it could easily be Creator for the versatility it provides. Surely no LEGO fan could resist chocolates, right?! I love creating chocolates and had lots of fun for last year's Valentine's greeting. Whether you buy this as a gift, or Be Your Own Valentine and treat yourself to it -- your heart will be happy. The flower won't wilt and the candy won't spoil your dinner!

Disclaimer: Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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