February 23, 2020

Review: 30412 Park Picnic

A picnic in the park is just the Spring break Olivia needs!

Polybag shows her park picnic just outside HLC, perhaps near the lake.

Parts: no new, yet the white birds debuted in 2019 CMF & Frozen.

Olivia is wearing the outfit from 2018's 41333 Olivia's Mission Vehicle.

Build the bench first.  Having both dark orange & medium nougat tiles
as the seat and back give it a nice definition.

Red & white checkered blanket goes down on the grassy spot,
with water bottle, hot dog and picnic basket.  Tree trunk & branches.

Branches added to tree -- and we have a lovely lunch spot!

 Everything this polybag parts build.

Sitting by the tree about to bite into her lunch,
Olivia wonders where the other bird went?

She decides to leave the love birds to enjoy the day.

Polybag back side has a LL ticket.
Spare parts are nice!

Love birds!  I love this polybag too -- it's exactly what a small
set should be.  A fun scene, nice parts, build technique to use
for other scenes, and of course adorable animals!

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Blondwave said...

I totally agree with "adorable animals". I really loved the birds since I first saw them, and when there are two in this set, it is my certain must-have. Together with the minidoll and the rest of the bricks it is so cute. :)

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