July 21, 2020

2020 Friends Advent Calendar

2020 Friends Advent Calendar 41420 - 236 pieces

The LEGO 41420 Friends Advent Calendar increases the excitement for Christmas. Children will find a new surprise to assemble behind each door. The calendar contains lots of super cute characters that fit perfectly in three Christmas scenes: Emma's nursery, Santa's workshop and a winter landscape.

Children open the doors and build the models to play in turn in the respective settings. In doing so, they develop ever greater anticipation for Christmas. In addition to other toys, Ms. Santa Claus and 2 elves are included as LEGO Friends play figures to decorate the children's room with the models, play creatively or tell exciting stories. In addition, there are models like the funny snowball catapult and a rolling toy skateboard that promise lots of fun.

Children from 6 years old can easily assemble the entertaining toys thanks to the understandable building instructions in order to get creative. Children get to know Heartlake City, where they make great friends and experience particularly happy Christmas parties!

The LEGO 41420 Friends Advent Calendar shortens the wait for Christmas. Every door hides a new gift that children can assemble. The 24 models enable Christmas role-playing games and also enrich every room as Christmas decorations.

The advent calendar for children contains Emma, ​​Mrs. Santa Claus and 2 elves as LEGO Friends play figures as well as a toy penguin and many other cool Christmas surprises as building models. Some of the models even have fun moving functions.
Children can not only use the models as Christmas decorations, but also create stories in the individual settings - in the LEGO Friends heroine Emma's room, in Santa's workshop and in a winter landscape - that inspire creative play adventures.

The 236-piece set is a great pre-Christmas gift for children who will be thrilled by an advent calendar that will give them a long time after the first moments of surprise. Children from 6 years old can assemble the simple models independently.

The box is 25 cm high, 37 cm wide and 6 cm deep and can be set up safely. Children can give their other LEGO models a Christmas touch, because the great toys can be combined with all LEGO sets.
The advent calendar does not need any batteries to provide fun in the winter landscape. The catapult can be operated by hand to throw snowballs, and the toy skateboard just has to be poked and it starts rolling.



BrickoMotion said...

I think this is the best advent calendar to date! I love it. Probably gonna pick up 2 so I don't have to fight my daughter for the dolls :D

Miles Flinn said...

All four advents this year blew me out of water with how well thought out they were...

Blondwave said...

I see they care about their fans' requirements so they added more minidolls this time. I really appreciate it and love them, the female Santa, Christmas elves, and Emma in pyjamas are super cute. :)

Andrej said...

Does this Lego Friends set include a snowman minifigure too? If yes, how big is it compared to the common Lego minifigures?

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