May 19, 2015

A few additional upcoming sets have been found!

Brickset has recently reported that Aanchir, while visiting Billund, Denmark, found two additional Friends sets that we had not known about!

40156 Organizer

41109 Heartlake City Airport
The plane looks very nice! I wish the airport itself were much bigger, though. The security area that comes with 41100 Heartlake Private Jet will be a nice addition to the airport.

A new polybag has recently been added to Brickset's database as well.


And the photo of the Limousine finally finally got revealed a few days ago:

41107 Pop Star Limousine

For those of you who haven't seen our updated article about the summer wave, here's the pic of the grocery store Heartlake Food Market 41108.

Thanks to Aanchir and Brickset for the news!


Anonymous said...

Wow! These additional sets are awesome! I wanted the tour bus, but I think I like the pop star limousine more! and a 2nd plane? How cool is that!?

Laurie Salustri said...

Nice airport!

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