May 26, 2015

Review: Heartlake Food Market 41108

Fresh is always best! Build the Heartlake Food Market for a "just around the corner" spot to buy groceries and catch up with friends.

This 2-story shop has an owner's apartment upstairs with a rooftop terrace. Check out the farm-fresh produce in the baskets & crates, then step inside for jar of strawberry jam!

The Friends Bricks community wishes to thank the LEGO CEE Team for their support of this set to review for our community.

Box front - also shows interior of market

Box back - with loads of play images and insert of food items

Box contents: 3 bags of parts, 2 Instruction booklets, 2 blue baseplates, stickers

Bag 1 contents - New for Summer 2015: 1x4 and 1x3 bricks in medium Lavender

First you build Maya and Mia.

Then you build the scooter, bench & lamp, and bottom module of the market, including the bathroom.
This is everything you build from bag 1 parts.

Bag 2 contents - include a Cone (1x1 inverted with shaft) for the first time in dark pink!

Bag 2's inner bag contents - highlighting the cone piece, amongst loads of other fun stuff!

Bottom market module gets finished with bag 2 parts. The cone piece is used as colored cellophane wrap for the flowers ~ ready to buy & carry!

Interior of market module has a lovely shelf for the strawberry jam and honey jars. The builder can totally take a break right now and p.l.a.y. ;-)

Bag 3 contents for the upper module - New to Friends sets bricks for Summer 2015 are: Tan corner wall piece 3x3x6 45-degree; 2x4 Roof slope (45-degree) bricks; Corner plate 45-degree 3x3 in medium Lilac; Shutters in dark pink; and additional 1x4 / 1x3 bricks in medium Lavender

First built in the upper module is the sweet Kitchen and the corner table that fits "just right" inside the corner wall piece.

The upper module is finished off with a cake on the table, stool, comfy sofa, and terrace lounger.

Here is the market completed: front & interior.
As you can see, loads of greebly details!

Always fun to get spare parts (especially small pieces that can get lost easily ;-)
I had hoped from a spare dark pink cone ... aw, shucks.

Now for some relaxing time after the market closes. Mia is checking out the milk expiry date before she takes a cookie from the oven, while Maya checks out the sky from the terrace.
Then a quick food fight before Mia heads out on the scooter -- kitty better get down from that rooftop soon.

Waving goodbye from the balcony after a fun day at the market. This set is so fun and greebly (lots of parts for details) making it very playable.  The awnings add a flair of happy greetings!
Similar in architecture to Stephanie's Beach House, the market by itself is a sturdy well-appointed addition to Heartlake City (or any LEGO City) and can certainly inspire many other shops.

Imagine yourself resting on the bench while you dream of your next creation.

Brickset was used to (attempt) to verify information for this review. Actual piece count may end up listing as 392, with 24 spare, making total 416.
The name of the set has been illusive until after I received it, and let's hope this is indeed the correct set name.

Update: retail box art indicates piece count at 388
Thanks for reading this review -- I hope it gave you good insight into this Summer 2015 LEGO Friends set. I enjoyed building it and I hope you do too!


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Wow this set is so cool btw your review was great!

Anonymous said...

The tan corner piece isn't new at all. They've been around for a long time, at least since 2010. Great review and I love your blog!

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