May 28, 2015

Review: Heartlake Skate Park 41099

Feel the cool breeze as you practice new stunts at the Heartlake Skate Park!  Half-pipe, trick ramps, music, vending machine, and a quaint island pier await.  Bring your pet and stay the day!
The Friends Bricks community wishes to thank the LEGO CEE Team for their support of this set to review and share with fans.

Box front

Box back - showing some fun action & relaxin' for us!

Box contents: 2 bags of parts, stickers, 1 instruction booklet (199 pieces, plus 17 extra/spare)

Bag 1 contents - New for Summer 2015 is the 2x2 plate in Lavender and the 1x4 medium Lavender bricks

First we get to build Mia with her skater helmet, which is New for Summer 2015!

Next we build the ramps that you saw in the title photo, they are solid layers and the orange arches as trim is very pleasant.
Then we start the vending machine - first the internal mechanism for getting the drinks out. The section built with 2 flanking 1x1 grey (with medium lavender 1x1 plates & grey 1x1 round tiles) set freely onto the red tile so they can slide; then the red 1x4 red plate.
The instructions demonstrate how the function works and the rest of the build is straight-forward and fun. It is a good way to learn methods for building other vending types of creations.

Here is the drink vending machine complete. Views of all sides shows choice of beverages that go into the top slot; where the coin goes; the back of it and the mechanism that you push forward to allow drink to come out the front; and where you open it to gather used coins later.

Here is everything bag 1 builds (plus the orange obstacle cones).

Bag 2 contents - New for Summer 2015: 1x3 flat tile in medium Lavender (see small inner bag)

First we build the sweet Island Pier over a splash of water, with shady palm tree, sign (with technic bits), bench, railings, wind-flag, and viewfinders.
The yellow-orange stairs are a fun piece and more colorful than just tan. It's a lively mix of colors, with the classic Friends life-preserver as center-piece.

A clever trick practice rail and ramp with bench is built next.
Now for the super-cute Boombox with the traditional Friends iPad docked, and medium Azure phone receiver as the handle.
That finishes bag 2 and although we already have played on the quarter pipes, now we can do it all with music!

Spare parts (in case some small bits get away from the build area -- and extra black string with studs on ends is always welcome).

Taking you on a tour of the park, Mia is in *action* aiming to that bone in a basket -- then training her puppy (those orange cones are adorable with the trans-orange bases).
Whew! Time for refreshments ~ good thing we build that vending machine!

LEGO is timeless.

Mia & Sky salute to the classic LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts theme from 2002. Good times!
LEGO Island was, and remains to be a widely loved theme -- no doubt because the games helped bring it to life!

Heartlake City map for Summer 2015 in the instructions booklet ~ it sure is filling in nicely!

This set is designed for action play in mind. The techniques used are clean and useful for re-building later.  The colors are so vibrant (and the stickers are too - there's one with graffiti and a lovely motif for the skateboard) that it sits well in Heartlake City for enjoyment by residents and visitors alike.

Since summertime is vacation time in the northern hemisphere, this would be a fun set to take & build on a trip.
It will fit right in with southern hemisphere's activities anytime.
As with all Friends sets, being able to build/play/build is certainly evident with this action-inspired scene!

Brickset was used to verify some set details.

Hope you enjoyed my presentation and that little trip down Memory Lane. Cheers to all the new memories to be made with the Heartlake Skate Park :-)

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