May 29, 2015

Review: 41104 Pop Star Dressing Room

 Livi the pop star is finally in town and fans in Heartlake City can’t contain their excitement at her first show! But before she can step out onto the stage, our fashion conscious Friend Emma helps her get ready and look her best in this Pop Star Dressing Room set!

The FriendsBricks community wishes to thank TLG’s CEE Team for generous support of this set to review and share with fans.

Box Art: Front
The background picture shows a concert crowd. I like the small details like those two sets of raised hands forming the shape of a heart!

Box Art: Back

Box Contents: 1 Booklet, 1 Sticker Sheet, Bag 1 & Bag 2. There are 279 (plus extra) pieces in this set.

Contents of Bag 1

Bag 1 contains two small bags: one with smaller pieces and the other with a set of hair accessories in purple.

This interesting new round tile piece is perfect for displaying tiny Friends accessories.

The little cardboard box in Bag 1 contains three floor-length overskirts for Livi. Each of these skirts is reversible, with one side in solid and the other with a gorgeous shiny print.

Now introducing Livi!

She’s the star of the set and the star of the whole Pop Star sub-theme. Interestingly, her name is Livi Star, so she was born to be a star!

Before the introduction of the Pop Star sub-theme, however, there was this other animal-loving pop star character named Piper Page; she has appeared and been mentioned in several of the LEGO Friends books. I was a bit surprised that a whole new character was created for the Pop Star sub-theme. I guess the design team decided ‘Livi Star’ sounded right for the character.

I have to admit, she definitely looks more like Livi Star than Piper Page.

All parts of Livi are from existing molds but either in a new color or with a new print. Her hair is the same as Ariel’s from Disney Princess, and looks glamorous in pink and in blue. The familiar torso and leg parts look stunning with the brand new prints featuring gold. Her face has a smaller open mouth (like Stephanie) and violet eyes (like Aurora from Disney Princess). She has two tiny blue stars painted right below her left eye.

There is another new character in this set: Livi’s Dalmatian puppy, Cookie!

Cookie’s mold has been previously used in three different designs.

Now it’s time to do some building!

Cookie’s food container and large comfortable bed 

Next, we are moving on to the main build: the dressing room!
We are starting with the back area with the dressing table with a lighted vanity mirror.

The armchair can actually rotate all the way around, but placed so close to the table, it can only swivel 180 degrees.

When the large fan-shaped decoration is placed above the vanity mirror, everything from Bag 1 is complete!

Now let’s open the next bag!

Contents of Bag 2
Bag 2 also contains a smaller bag. Here’s its content.

Only in the wondrous world of LEGO, the crane hook can appear in a pop star’s closet as a dress hanger!

The star of Bag 2 is Emma, sporting a brand new purple vest worn over a silver top.

Let’s continue with the Dressing Room! Now we are attaching another section to the room with more floor space and walls. During this process, we are also building Livi's necessities like a sofa, a small fridge with a water bottle, a magazine rack, and a bench.

With all those above small builds placed inside and outside the door, 2/3 of the set is complete!

This is already fun to play with, but let’s work on the remaining section of the room. The structure is similar to the previous section, but without a door. There is a box attached to the wall so fans can leave fan mail for Livi in there! We are also building a nice long rug on the floor, a garment rack with a full-length mirror and what appears to be a couple of shoe boxes. Be gentle with Livi’s delicate overskirts when hanging them on the heavy-duty crane hooks!

Cookie’s bed is placed outside right by the mailbox.

Now the last section of the Dressing Room is finally ready!

Let’s look at the inside of the Dressing Room in its entirety!

The hinges allow us to form the structure into various configurations.

Extra Pieces

Livi’s fans have been waiting and Livi needs to get ready now!

It’s just so much fun changing the Dressing Room into different forms that Livi might want to hang around in here for a little while longer. This set offers more than it may appear at first glance.

Thanks for reading, and keep building with LEGO Friends!


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