April 29, 2020

Review: 41381 Rescue Mission Boat

Grab your personal flotation equipment. We are going on a watery adventure.

The box is big. It measures 18.5 x 14.75 x 3.5 inches. The front has the BFF heart overlaying a lifebuoy in the waves showing this is part of the rescue series. We see this set comes with Mia, Olivia, and Andrea on the bottom right corner. The lower left insert shows the part of the rescue boat's interior and deck. The main image shows a narwhal rescue in progress with HeartLake City in the background.

The back of the box displays the many play features. There is so much to do and enjoy.

The sides of the box have the scene slice, warning labels, mosaics of the parts, 1:1 scale image of the minidolls, countries of origin, UPC code, and recycling information.

Inside the box are eight big bags of parts. Six bags are numbered. The instruction booklets and sticker sheet are nicely wrapped in plastic--no damage. The bags are made of recycleable PP#5.

We have two instruction booklets. Book 1 has 43 pages and book 2 has 171 pages. Be prepared to allocate some building time fun.

The sticker sheet has 17 sticker numbers

Let's begin with the unnumbered bags. We have the large hull pieces for the rescue boat and a yellow rubber raft. The coral colored boat hull piece is new. Interestingly, this set has one more bottom boat hull piece than the 41015 Dolphin Cruiser.

Here are the contents of bag #1. The cute bright pink whale is new. It has two little holes on its tail to attach accessories. There is a dark torquoise brick separator too for Undo. The white box has the secret water activated fabric map which is new for 2019 and can be found in 2 other sets.

Here are the contents of the three smaller bags.

Let's start building. The instructions are easy to follow step-by-step. Do you prefer to sort first or build from an unsorted pile?

Bag #1 completed. We have a heart shaped island with narwhal trapped under an old boat hull and a wooden crate, Olivia and Mia, rubber raft, and underwater coral scene with treasure chest.

I like the heart shaped island. Mia should pay attention to the narwhal instead of the blank map. Maybe the narwhal knows where the treasure is.

Here are the contents of bag #2. The coral arch 1x3x2 inverted bricks are new.

The two smaller bags.

Finishing bag #2, we have the front section of the boat. There are sleeping quarters and a bathroom in the bow. Yes, the bathroom has toilet paper! In the next section, we have Olivia's science lab. There is a microscope and a tank to hold specimens. There is a sink for washing and drying diving gear. We also have the galley area to lounge and eat.

Let's take a look at the minidolls now that we have all three assembled. Andrea is sporting a new full length dark torquoise wetsuit. Interestingly, her sea horse logo is on her left whereas Olivia and Mia have it on their right. Olivia has a dark pink wetsuit with caprice length pants. Her suit is new for 2019 and also found in the Turtle Rescue Mission set. Mia has a lime wetsuit with also caprice length pants. I think the lime compliments her hair color. Her is suit also new for 2019 and found in Light House Rescue Center. She appears to have a printing mishap on the back of her left arm. I guess she has a manufacturing birth mark. 

Here we have bag #3. The coral 1x8 plates are new. There is a sea of trans-light blue panels.

In the two smaller bags we have these parts.

Bag #3 done. We have the stern of the boat. There is a shallow pool for rescued sea animals. We can see the yellow rubber raft launch rails. We can get a better look at the galley. There is the mandatory coffee maker.

Here is bag #4. We have a dark purple laptop computer. The dark torquoise curved 3x1 slopes are found in two other sets.

Here are the three smaller bags. We have light aqua medical accessories and a camera in lime.

Bag #4 adds the rubber raft launcher arm in the stern. At the bow there are lounge chairs, drinks and a look out position with telescope. I could use one of those drinks. Reviewing is hard work.

We're on to bag #5, almost there... The dark torquoise 4x4 round corner plates and 6x6 plate can be found in two other sets.

Here are the two small bags. We have more trans-light blue panels and Technic pieces.

Completing bag #5, we have Zobo the underwater robot, the removable upper deck, and a working crane with stretcher. The crane can be easily removed from the deck for other play possibilities.

At last bag #6. The coral 10x1 slopes and coral arch 1x3x3 1/3 curved top bricks are new. The coral 4x4 round corner macaroni tiles can be found in two other sets.

The contents of the two smaller bags.

The building voyage is completed--the rescue boat and crew. Yay, Narwhal has been rescued from the heart shaped island.

These are the extra pieces.


Overall, this set has much going for it. The build was smooth sailing. The boat has a number of play areas to let your imagination roam on open water. It is a good play set. I like the large white hull pieces. They are useful for ship MOCs. There is a nice selection of coral pieces and medical instruments. New torsos and legs are always welcomed addition to the collection and also a new animal.

The narwhal did know where the treasure was. It'll help fund more research and rescue operations.

Thanks for reading.

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