March 4, 2019

Review: 41354 Andrea's Heart Box

Andrea is always ready to share her voice, and the Heart Box interior probably provides good acoustics! This vibrant brick-built container in her signature colors has her name printed on a tile adorned with her winged music note motif!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

Box front of this new type of Heart-shaped design features real girls enjoying Andrea's music interest. Top right is adorned by her winged music note with stars streaming in a round insert graphic.
The package designers managed to add traditional purple flanges - one side for set number then Andrea singing on the other. Her built box displayed with her standing on the lid, and then tucked away into her heart box are great photographs of the set.
It almost doesn't need a review ... well, I said "almost" because I'm going to anyway. Since we have new for 2019 parts!

Box back gives us another photograph of the set, and the size ratio for product by using the ice cream cone parts. We have all the 5 Friends along the bottom with their respective boxes -- plus a photo demonstrating you can stack them.
The upper right heart motif indicates a standard theme, yet is usually on the front of boxes. Just below that you can see the arched seam where the heart cutout cardboard top glued part ends and the cavity for contents begins.
At the very bottom you can see tape over the 2 slotted folds where we open this clever heart-shaped box ... so we can "build" a brick heart-shaped box :-)

The side has Andrea's graphic version singing, which still gives us that 'scene slice' I love! It can stand on its own well. The bottom is an elongated hexagon with all the product details. Once you slice the tape and pull out the flaps, you get even a greater appreciation for the overall package design; a nearly Lotus-like design to the way it folds to create its hexagonal cavity for parts.
The bags and parts tuck in nicely. Once you've taken out all the contents, the box easily flattens; if you wanted to store it or fit into a recycle bin.

Contents: 29-page instructions booklet (folded), two Teal 6x6 plates (new color for 2019), and two non-numbered bags.
The instructions cover Mini-doll inset tells about the QR code scan for using a LEGO Life app to view them digitally.

Contents from the largest bag:
New of note:
- 2x2x2 65-degree sloped Roof tile in flame yellowish orange
- 2x2 "macaroni" brick with inside and outside bow in flame yellowish orange
- 2x4 flame yellowish orange tile printed with "Andrea" and her character icon over a confetti backdrop

- 3x3 quarter circle plates only otherwise in TLM2 Pop-up Party Bus

Contents of smaller bag:
New of note:
- 1/4 circle tile in flame yellowish orange
- Aqua 1x1 swirl Decoration top only otherwise in Olivia's Cupcake Cafe
- Aqua 5-petal Flowers only otherwise in Andrea's Talent Show
- 1/4 circle tile in Teal

First we 'build' Andrea! Give her some shades and her beautiful dark azure guitar. I love the stars printed on it.
Her outfit is not new, and quite standard for her v2 mini-doll.

One of the new Teal 6x6 plates and 4 quarter round plates begin to form the bottom of the box, with connection support of the Teal 2x4 tiles. The designer has used flame yellowish orange 2x2 slope bricks. If you want to build this to open at the half height (one layer), you'll need two 4x4 and two 1x2 brick on those spots. Yet, the sloped brick does provide stability for the curved sides when being handled.
Building the sides goes super quick, and is a pleasure to add the magenta (bright reddish violet) tiles around the heart shape! Three 1x1 plates have the studs that hold the lid on.

Due to all those tiles inside, the underside doesn't get or need additional connection pieces.

The lid begins with the printed "Andrea" tile, Aqua flowers and other tiles -- then add the heart quarter round plates.
The underside of the lid does get additional connection pieces; the white shoe slides are for easing it on surfaces, plus easier to pick up.

We securely attach the lid to the box, thanks to those 3 studs. Then build its stand using the white plate and clear slope bricks.

The instructions then show everything tucked away in the heart box ... yet we need a practice performance first!
The flowers even have a job to do when playing on the lid.
Andrea stays firmly in place thanks to the center stud in the magenta tile. The amplifier was built just after our star singer. The headphones, microphone, guitar, sunglasses and ice cream cone round out her accessories.

Chillaxing time after that warm-up song ...  Aqua ice cream must be either pistachio or mint. Yum!
Andrea looks so lovely against that Teal sheen of the tiles. The box is quite sturdy, as it's meant to travel with the builder.

This is how the instructions booklet tells us to store everything into her heart box.
The Lid could have had tiles all around too, yet then it wouldn't have studs for stack-a-bility.

Andrea is all tucked into her heart box for the night.
We do get a nice selection of spare parts in this small set.

Here are all the 5 Friends Heart Boxes together. Box art already shows how they can stack, so here they are just side-by-side.

Andrea's signature colors of Teal, Flame Yellowish Orange and Magenta make her Heart Box very bright and cheery!

Building is quick and fun, yet sturdy with interlocking techniques. It gets us thinking about other shapes in LEGO brick form. I think this, and the rest of the heart-shaped containers, are a right on target for the Friends theme.
I only wonder why it took so long? :-)


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