March 8, 2019

Review: 41358 Mia's Heart Box

Best camping shelter ever! Mia's Heart Box lid as a campfire site is more like glamping. It's stylish and colorful with all her outdoor adventure supplies, plus a furry friend!

This set was provided by the AFOL Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans. Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

Front of this heart-shaped LEGO box shows real girls using walkie-talkies with a flag-topped mountain circular graphic inset above them. It's not Mia's icon per se, however it is similar to the Camp Heart logo from 2016.
The product image shows Mia using her heart top as a camping site. Inset shows how everything fits into this container we build. Yet, we will have to adjust one built item -- you'll find out in the end.

Box back has the rainbow heart motif with all 5 main Friends in graphic form, which is on the front of all other boxes.
The set built image shows her using her heart box as shelter at a camp site. Her wee bunny Cinnamon shows us the element 1:1 size ratio.
All 5 Friends in their graphic form along the bottom are above each individual heart box -- sorry you can't see Emma's for the 'not for sale' sticker, due to this being sent from Denmark, as I'm in North America. Yet you can see it as the top heart box depicting how we can stack them all.

Box side has a cameo of Mia in graphic form with a backpack. The bottom is a hexagon shape that allows it to sit upright. When opening the 2 slotted flaps after slicing the tape, you can see a nearly Lotus-like design to the way it folds to create its hexagonal cavity for parts.
Empty it folds flat for storage or recycle -- as the green arrows suggest.

Box contents: 29-page instructions booklet with the new for 2019 Mini-doll presenter telling us we can scan the QR code with a smart device to view instructions digitally via LEGO Life app, two new 6x6 Medium Lilac plates (otherwise only in Emma's Heart Box), and two bags of parts.

Largest bag parts:
New of note:
- Roof tile 2x2x2 with 65-degree slope in Lime (TLG's name is Bright Yellowish Green)
- Macaroni brick 2x2 with inside and outside bow in Lime
- 4x4 Tile with "Mia" printed in Lime

- 3x3 plates with quarter circle in medium Lilac only otherwise in Emma's Heart Box

Smaller bag parts:
- 1/4 circle tile in Lime, otherwise only in Speed Champion's 75888 Porsche 911RSR and 911 Turbo (2018)
- Somewhat rare: 2x2 curvy tiles in Dark Azure

First we build Mia, give her sunglasses and binoculars. Her outfit is in several other sets and has become standard with her Lime, Azure, and Purple color combo. The raglan sleeved Henley shirt has a pocket and her version 2.0 icon of a Lighting Bolt with plant sprig. It used to be an animal paw print.
She still loves animals though, and is lucky to get one in her heart box.
The instructions tell us to put a marshmallow on a stick, round up her bunny, and then build a campfire. Setting all that aside to build the heart ...

Building the bottom of the heart's bottom uses those wonderful 2x4 dark purple tiles! The Lime roof slope bricks give stability for the 2 layers of bricks on the heart's curves; since the bricks can't interlock while maintaining the curved sides. The dark azure tiles give us a finishing touch with her color combo, with the three 1x1 plates providing connection for its lid.

Tiles go onto plates for creating the Lid, and we've added her 4th color: Orange. Mia's name tile has a scattered plaid graphic and her icon. Lavender flowers blend well with this combination.
The underside gets white shoe slides for easing it on surfaces -- raising it 'slightly' so it's easier to pick up.

Mia's two parts of her heart box are complete.

Set upon its brick-built stand, Mia's Heart Box makes a cute room decor item!

Although the instructions show us how to pack everything into the heart box as the next step, Mia has some exploring to do!
She and Cinnamon are scouting for a good camping spot.

After hiking to that spot, Cinnamon is happy to relax in the cozy heart shape. Mia gets busy roasting a marshmallow, while using her heart's stand as a bench.

Mia is ready to pack it in for the night ... yet first we need to fold down the flame, so it can fit! Now everything is in this adorable heart-shaped brick-built container. The spare parts can fit too. It's always good to have an extra flame ;-)

Here are all the 5 Friends Heart Boxes together. Box art already shows how they can stack, so here they are just side-by-side.


This year Mia finally got her own family House and this brick-built container would fit well as a backyard scene.
Yet, even on its own, this heart box makes an enjoyable building session, with some fun parts, and a cute creation to display when finished.

As parts go, the Lime and Dark Azure are quite versatile in the LEGO spectrum. With Mia's and all the other Friends heart boxes, being able to build a shape that's not square is good for thinking about future creations.

The set designers have accomplished a self-sustaining brick-built container, DIY project, home decor item, desk accessory, and playable scene creator all-in-one! Plus, one can never have enough baby bunnies!


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Xyra Silverleaf said...

I love Mia's heart box! It's great! I had a fun time building it; I like the quick ones as much as the more difficult ones.

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