December 2, 2021

LEGO Friends 2022 sets




41704 Main Street Building





41703 Friendship Tree House - 10th Anniversary set


41702 Canal Houseboat




41700 Beach Glamping -  Read our Review!

41701 Street Food Market




41707 Tree-PlantingVehicle

41695 Pet Clinic


 41697 Turtle Protection Vehicle - Read or Review







(Alternate build Waffle Stand)
30416 Market Stall polybag 54 pieces


30417 polybag Garden Flower and Butterfly - 57 pieces


Honbushu said...

Love love love this! Best of the 2022 waves! They really nailed it here! Love the variety of minidolls here.

Anonymous said...

Love love this!

kuhander said...

Of all the 2022 waves, Friends is the most exciting to me! Love the diversity in minidolls and the apartment building is original and simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I really love playing and building new lego friends sets!!!!!

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