March 26, 2013

New LEGO Friends iPad App

by LFX

Normally, I wouldn't really care that there is yet another LEGO app for the iPad, given the rash of subpar iPad games LEGO has shot out in recent years, including the original LEGO Friends Dress Up game ...
Yet, the latest installment by LEGO (or should I say DK) called LEGO® Friends Ultimate Stickers App is without a doubt the best officially licensed LEGO app so far, regardless of theme.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but in summary, LEGO has hit the nail on the head with finally offering us a user friendly, intuitive and interactive app.  I'm really big on usability and this app is so easy to use, my 7-year-old figured it out in 1 minute.  The colors are vibrant and the stickers are similar to the ones found in the DK LEGO Friends Ultimate Sticker Book that came out in February.  There's even two game modes, my favorite being the Free Play mode which encourages creativity from your child and also allows them to capture their creation into their photo library.

Unfortunately, this app is not free and not available for Android users.  Cost is $3.99 Canadian Dollars, but well worth it IMO.  A must have for those who own the sticker book, because it takes the sticker book experience to a whole new level of interactivity and fun.  You can tell LEGO put some effort into this app, but now that I think of it, it's probably more DK's influence than LEGO.  The file size is just over 500MB for those who are interested.

Here is what the site says:
DK LEGO® Friends Ultimate Stickers App

With more than 85 virtual stickers, DK's LEGO® Friends Ultimate Stickers app lets kids use their imagination and create fun scenes from 8 amazing backdrops based on the LEGO Friends universe.  They can match stickers to their shapes in 8 exciting sticker challenges and learn fun facts about the mini-dolls along the way.  Once all the challenges have been completed, an exclusive LEGO Friends prize will be revealed. Children can also save photos of their scenes or print them out to share with friends and family.

Designed for creative minds of all ages, the LEGO® Friends Ultimate Stickers app offers hours of LEGO fun. 

 The Stickers
  • More than 85 amazing stickers
  • Tapping on an empty sticker slot provides a clue to the mini-doll's identity
  • A successful sticker match reveals a unique sound and fact about each mini-doll

The Challenges
  • 2 game modes to choose from: Sticker Challenge and Freeplay
  • Sticker Challenge lets players choose from 8 topics so children can learn all about the Friends and what they are up to in Heartlake City
  • Adjust difficulty level to reduce or increase the amount of stickers in the carousel for the sticker challenges
  • Completing all the challenges unlocks a special LEGO Friends reward

 The Scenes
  • 8 Freeplay scenes include: Heartlake Stables, the Flying School, Andrea s stage, and the Riding Camp App which includes unique backgrounds, sounds, and music
  • App includes unique backgrounds, sounds, and music
  • Photo function allows you to save photos of your scenes to iPad s Photos app, to share or print

 Check it our for your Friends fan!

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