March 1, 2013

New Items for March 2013

Spring is almost here and it's been nearly three months since the December release. If you are like me and have already acquired every single LEGO Friends set available, you must be waiting to get something new, preferably some official LEGO Friends sets to build!

Lego seems to know that today's children, fans and collectors want something new rather often. So, here they are, the four new LEGO Friends items released today! They are available exclusively at the LEGO stores and at

#850591 LEGO Friends Name Sign ($12.99 US)

Other than Olivia's house, this is the only set with the white cat! And the LEGO Friends logo tile is also something nice to have!

#850597 LEGO Friends Carry Case ($14.99 US)

This is a perfect case for your ever-growing mini-dolls and animals! It comes with 32 LEGO pieces to build a podium (mini-doll display stand).

#40080 LEGO Friends Pencil Holder & #850581 LEGO Friends Brick Calendar 
($14.99 US each)
Photos of these two items were first found back in January, so we have been waiting for them to come out! They will go perfectly with the Picture Frame released in March 2012. Add some spare mini-dolls and polybag sets, and your desk will look even more Friends-y!

Hopefully, these four new sets along with the others will keep us busy and satisfied until the second wave of animal packs comes out in May. Happy building!

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