March 5, 2013

LEGO Friends Books from Scholastic

Hi, It's Maya again, and today I'm going to talk about the books published by Scholastic. 

Unlike the DK Readers books I discussed in my first book review, the two books by Scholastic currently available are aimed at a higher reading level; each of these books consists of several chapters and contains more advanced vocabulary as well as a storyline. 

The first book "New Girl in Town" written by Marilyn Easton was released in mid-December 2012. The story is based on the mini-movie in which the five friends get together for the very first time. 

($4.99 US)

The second book was released in mid-February, and this time it is an original story with new illustrations in a cartoon style. The title is "Lights, Camera, Girl Power!" and the author is Cathy Hapka.

($4.99 US)

While DK Readers books tend to go closely with the actual LEGO Friends products, the Scholastic chapter readers don't always stick to what is available as products; there are new characters as well as new aspects of stories. I think DK books and Scholastic books complement each other and both are enjoyable for the fans.

Scholastic is scheduled to publish several more books in the next few months. 

Next in line is "Olivia's Great Idea" and the release date is May 1, 2013. This one comes with a cute gray tubby cat and a few LEGO elements. 

($8.99 US)
By the way, similar books have been published in UK as well as in mainland Europe. The British version is called "Olivia's Rainbow" and the German and Dutch versions have the same title in their language ("Olivias Regenbogen" and "Olivia's Regenboog"). I will discuss these European books in my future book review.

In June, chapter book #3 called "Emma's Big Splash" will be released by Scholastic. Also released in June will be "Meet the Friends". The cover of this book says "Fun facts, quizzes and more!", so perhaps it is more like an activity book than a story book.

($3.99 US)

In August, the comic reader called "A Puppy Tale" will be available as well as the sticker book called "A Day in Heartlake City". Finally, "Andrea Takes the Stage" and "Mystery in Whispering Woods" are scheduled for a September release.

($3.99 US)

It's amazing how quickly Scholastic is releasing several different books. That shows how popular and successful the LEGO Friends line is!

In my future book review, I will discuss Ladybird books from UK and other books available in Europe!

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