November 21, 2020

Friends 2021


Andrea's Family House 41449

Heartlake City Cinema 41448

Heartlake City Organic Cafe 41444
Olivia's Electric Car 41443
 Heartlake City Park 41447
Car Grooming Car 41439
Olivia's Flamingo Cube 41662

Emma's Dalmation Cube 41663

Mia's Pug Cube 41664
Stephanie's Cat Cube 41665
Andrea's Bunny Cube 41666



Anonymous said...

These look amazing! Great new parts, and everything's so cute. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for these new sets! I like all

SuzEaton said...

The mini-minidolls are exciting! Do we know if they have any articulation? Maybe the head moves? I am also excited for the older male figure, face-painted Emma, orange and white kitten, bricks on the cubes... So many good things!

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