August 14, 2017

Review: 41320 Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop

There are several options for frozen treats in Heartlake City, but when you want to pick up something yummy quickly, Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop is just the place! 
With the city’s first drive-thru window, even the busiest of the Friends can satisfy their sweet tooth on the go! 

This set was provided by the Operations & Community Engagement of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer. 
Photographs are property of Friends Bricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.

The standard Friends box design indicates this set is part of the main Friends theme and does not belong in any special sub-theme. 

On the back of the box, you can see what the store looks like inside. 

And here are the remaining sides of the box.

Apparently, some of our other reviewers did not get that “NOT FOR SALE” sticker on their sets. I promise I have never done anything that deserves a warning!

When you open the box, you get three bags of LEGO elements, two larger plates, two booklets and one sticker sheet.

Here are a few sample pages of the instruction booklets. 
The smaller booklet shows how to build the mini-dolls, the small outside seating area, and the yellow car. The larger booklet is for the shop structure. 

The sticker sheet shows some cute pictures of frozen yogurt and various toppings.

I see they have at least 4 flavors to choose from! 

Bag 1 consists mostly of the car parts.

And here’s the contents of the small bag inside Bag 1.

As I discussed in my previous review, one of the mini-doll heads is in the inner bag while the other one is not. 

They probably do that to prevent accidental packing of two of the same head, as both heads have the same mold (same weight).

Introducing the main character of the set, Olivia!

She is sporting her lovely green top which she wore only once before (41116 Olivia’s Exploration Car from 2016). 
The atomic symbol with hearts just screams Olivia, as she loves science and the heart is her logo! 

And here’s the second mini-doll of the set, Julian.

I hope you don’t mind me getting slightly off-topic here, but there is something I want to say about this character.

You might remember him from 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall released in 2014.

There is something I have been wondering about since his introduction: was he possibly named wrong?

Because I really think he should have been named Jacob!!

If you have watched LEGO Friends TV episodes, you know that Jacob has been a recurring character whom Olivia is quite fond of. There are many indications in those episodes that Olivia and Jacob are very close. In a few of the webisodes, they even went on a date.

I suspect the mini-doll named Julian was originally meant to be Jacob. I wonder if there was some confusion or miscommunication between the set design team and the animation team. 

This new boy mini-doll had the exact physical features as Jacob that some of us fans had seen for two years. And he was introduced as Julian in the shopping mall set! I was quite confused at the time. Who’s Julian?! Why not Jacob?!

And soon after Julian mini-doll appeared in late 2014, there was this webisode explaining how Julian and Jacob looked identical!

That webisode was probably made to serve as an excuse for why this new character happened to look exactly like Jacob. 

Julian says in that webisode that he has a cousin named Jacob!! How about that for an excuse!

And perhaps in attempt to look different from his cousin, Jacob has been seen with brown eyes in later TV episodes. Or maybe Jacob’s eye color has been changed also out of confusion.

So, what I wanted to say is, if you have been following the TV series and webisodes, the Julian mini-doll will be a perfect substitute for Olivia’s favorite guy friend, Jacob!

Anyway, let’s get back to building!

The first thing to put together after the mini-dolls is the small outside seating area with the parasol. 

Then you build this yellow car with Olivia’s heart logo.  

By the way, it’s not just any cute yellow car. It’s filled with fro-yo love!

Look at those two round white areas in the back of the car! Those are fro-yo cup holders! Does your car come with those? I don’t think so!

The car tag says: “I LOVE FRO-YO”!  

By the way, am I the only one overwhelmed by the enormous size of her dessert?!

We all know that in the world of LEGO, food items are not always proportionally accurate. Think of the gigantic LEGO hotdogs and croissants, for example.

But when the mini-dolls’ fro-yo bowl is bigger than their toilet bowl, it’s clearly too big!

Now moving onto Bag 2!  

Some nice parts for the shop building! I was quite thrilled to obtain some pieces in Spring Yellowish Green. 
That is a very rare color in LEGO Friends, but it’s such a pretty color and I hope it gets used more often.

And here's what comes in the two small bags.

With Bag 2, the shop building looks more than halfway done. The shape of the store fa├žade is quite nice!

The inside of the shop is also starting to take shape!

The fro-yo machine is ready!

The dark gray turning element on either side can change the angle of the serving spout front and back, but it seems more ornamental than functional.

You can choose a cup or cone when you first enter the shop. 

Also by the front door is a table for eating in. But there are no chairs inside. 
There is also a $100 bill casually left on the table, which is not unusual in affluent Heartlake City.

Bag 3 contains the following:

With some of those pieces, the shop now has the rooftop sign shaped like a bowl of frozen yogurt! 

And the drive-thru section is also complete!

This setting is not unlike my neighborhood Dairy Queen where I occasionally get my Banana Split Blizzard!

Bag 3 has also added the topping bar and the checkout counter with a cash register and a scale.  

Today’s topping choices are: the jelly cookie, swirl candy, chocolate, cherries, strawberry, watermelon slice, and something yellow (must be a mango piece). 

With all pieces in the right place, this is what the finished product looks like!

Oops! Olivia’s car should not be left in the drive-thru lane, should it?

But have you noticed that the back of the box also shows Olivia committing the parking violation?

The leftover pieces include spare yogurt and topping parts you may want to keep at the shop!

Now come see Olivia try the soft serve machine! Obviously, portion control is not something she worries about.

She is now trying to choose her toppings. Julian adds some raspberry sauce!

At the register, she places her yogurt on the scale. 

The scale shows the number 1.229! Could it be 1229 grams?! Is Olivia getting over a kilo of frozen yogurt?! 

And the number on the register says 95. Considering the standard cone is only 4 dollars according to the sign by the drive-thru window, 95 dollars is just too much even for a gigantic bowl of yogurt! Let’s hope 95 is the change.

Olivia nonchalantly pays with her 100-dollar bill. Maybe her yogurt costs only 5.

With her ginormous bowl of yogurt, Olivia returns to her car and heads for home, once again ignoring the traffic rule by driving in the opposite direction.

Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop is sure to be everyone’s new favorite hangout! It is large enough for multiple customers at a time!

Even if you already own 41094 Heartlake Lighthouse with the ice cream shop, the new fro-yo place offers some building and playing experiences that are completely different!

41320 Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop is a store exclusive set, and you will not find it at every store carrying LEGO products. 

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! The sticker might be there because your set was meant to stay in a shop window to advertise. I'm just going to pretend he's Jacob. It is very confusing.
I wish they had gone with more pastel colours instead of dark purple & medium pink. Nevertheless it works out, but not as well as it could have. I'm really glad Olivia is wearing her beautiful atom top again. I didn't manage to get Olivia's Exploration Car & was disappointed I had missed out on such an awesome top. Those are ridiculous cups. I'm going to have to get rid of all of them, & change the car. The car is pretty cute though. There are some nice features inside the shop, so I'll probably get this set. Although I do feel it fell a little short & could have been much better. Ciao for now! ~ themime

Maya said...

Thanks for your comment, themime! I think you are right; I probably happened to have received a special promotional type set with that sticker, and the warning is not specifically directed at me (I hope!).

I avoided mentioning this in the review, but I have to agree with you on the color choices. I might have liked the set better with softer colors that would better compliment the parts in Spring Yellowish Green.

But overall, there are many cool things you don't want to miss out, despite some of the things that could have been a little better. I hope you enjoy the set when you do get it!

I enjoyed reading your comment! Thanks for reading the review!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to reply! Ciao for now! ~ themime

Anonymous said...

Amazing review, Maya!!! I never realized that Julian is that similar to Jacob. As I see, mainly in ,,Two Jacobs" webisode!!! Yeah, that frozen yoghurt is too big, really too big. I'm not sure if it's not too heavy for lonely Olivia, may with Julian's/Jacob's help... lol. I love all the spares - especially the ice cream, cherries, strawberries, melon, cookie and lollipop ones. I just love knick-knacks. Honestly since I first saw this set I didn't like it very well, but now I'm getting in it. There is something interesting here... or you Maya just can do awesome review!!!
Friends Bricks and LF fan at all

Maya said...

Thanks, BL0NDwAvE! I really appreciate the nice things you said about the review!

So are you more interested in this set now? It has its own charms and uniqueness, doesn't it? I find this set even cuter in person! My photos don't do justice.

I have a cupful of spare fruit/cookie/ice cream swirl pieces, and it's such a cute pile to look at! I keep them in a nicer container, separate from the other more ordinary or less interesting spare pieces. :)

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it has something unicate!!! I have lot of boxes for Lego, especially for small parts. I am going to buy one more which can separately open anyway :D My fave part of this set is the machine on the strawberries and chocolate. Great design!!! I love the small pieces, and the things to... eat. Lego meal is always cute, I get hungry when I'm making some cakes :3
BL0NDwAvE :)

Xyra Silverleaf said...

Very nice, but not sure it is a must have for my collection. Just not sure. Love the colors and the car.

Anonymous said...

@Maya: Yeah, it has!!! I also have the boxes for some spare pieces - not only for smaller - but fruits/cookies/ice cream swirls are honestly my favourites. Btw can you somehow send some pictures of the container? Or send me a link for the shop you have it from? I'm looking for some more boxes, thanks :)

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