August 7, 2017

Review: 41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift

Are you in for some cool fun at the ultimate winter sports resort? Come join Olivia and Mia at the Snow Resort Ski Lift.

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The box design has a new wintery look for the Snow Resort subtheme. The five Friends have new wintery outfits. You can see Heartlake City in the distance. It is not far to go skiing from Heartlake City.

The back of box shows the play features and accessories. That downhill launcher looks like fun.

Here are the sides of the box with the warning messages, legal text, 1:1 scale Olivia, etc. It should be noted that this is the European box. The North American box would normally have only English, French and Spanish text and the piece count specified.

Inside the box we find one un-numbered plastic bag, four numbered plastic bags with smaller bags inside, one loose black 32L Technic axle, one instruction book and one sticker sheet.

Here is a closeup of the sticker sheet. There are 17 stickers to apply with this set. (There are 13 numbers but 4 of them comes in 2 pieces.)

Here are some random pages from the decent sized instruction book.

The corner of the back couple of pages arrived bent and a bit torn. The book was loose in the box without any plastic bag/cardboard protection. It could be an issue for those who like to collect undamaged instruction books.

A sample of the easy to follow building instructions.

Other sets in the Snow Resort subtheme.

Themes featuring minidolls.

Time to get building! Here are the contents of the un-numbered bag.

BURP, excuse me. I find the 24x6 plate useful for train car MOCs.

Inside bag #1.

-Biscuit the bear cub only appears in 2 other sets
-The lime green snow board only appears in 1 other set
-The reddish brown 4x4 modified tile appears in 2 other sets

The contents of the smaller plastic bag.

-The magenta googles are new this year and currently only found in this set
-The lime green ski poles appears only in 1 other set

We'll build the minidolls first.

We have Olivia in her winter outfit.

Her lime green helmet with molded braided pony tail and torso are new and unique to this set. Her legs are also used by Mia in Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van set and Stephanie in Snowboard Trick polybag.

Next we have Mia in her winter outfit.

Mia's lavender helmet with integrated braided pony tail and torso are new and uniqe to this set. Her legs are also used by Nate in Snow Resort Ice Rink set.

Note. There are no extra hair pieces, they'll have to wear their helmets all the time which is good for safety.

After completing bag #1, we have:
-ski flags / gates
-trail map stand with printed 2x2 tile map
-ski and snowboard rental stand
-Mia on the mini-slope
-Olivia itching to go downhill skiing
-Biscuit the bear cub with a fishy treat

Next we open bag #2.

Inside the two smaller bags.

Finishing bag #2, we have the mountain and ski slope that Olivia couldn't wait to go down. There is also a rock climbing wall that Olivia must have used to get to the top since the chair lift hasn't been built yet.

Let's continue building so Olivia and Mia can enjoy the rest of the top of the mountain. Here's bag #3:

The 4x4 tile with bow in dark blue is new for 2017. It can be found in one other set.

There are two smaller bags inside bag #3.

Yummy, there are quarter pie pieces.

Completing bag #3, we have the mountain restaurant built.

There still needs to be an easier way to get up to the mountain restaurant without having to climb the rock wall. Let's go to bag #4.

New parts are the lattice A mast 1x6x10 in medium azure. They are currently unique to this set. The modified 2x4 bricks with curved top in magenta are also new and currently unique to this set.

Inside smaller bags, you get a good assortment of Technic pieces.

After more building with bag #4, the ski lift is completed.

Now Olivia and Mia can get up and enjoy the mountain restaurant.

Mia's sandwich looks improved over the one she had in last year's Archery Camp.

After lunch, Olivia can finally hit the slopes.

There is a technique to turn the lauch ramp so Olivia doesn't bail. It is a good idea to wear your helmet too.

Biscuit is going to try to stay out of her way hiding under the mountain. There is space for a game of hide and seek.

There is room to hide the extra left over pieces there too.

This is currently the largest of the Snow Resort sets at 585 pieces. It is fun sending Olivia and Mia down the slopes without bailing. Although watching them bail can be fun too. You get to be the "lifty" (ski lift operator) bringing them up the mountain with the functional Technicy ski lift. I really like the integration of Technic in Friends.  This set may have potential to modify into a Great Ball Contraption. What do you think of this set?

Thank you for reading.

Note: All exclusive parts mentioned in the colours noted were applicable at the time this review was posted. Parts may be available in other colours and sets after the post of this review. Brickset and BrickLink were used to verify this information.


SuzEaton said...

Very cool! I love the new minidolls; especially the helmets with hair. And, wow, those looping face-plants. Hahaha. Poor Olivia. I agree that Friends GBC needs to happen!

Anonymous said...

This is one of 2 sets I'll her for Christmas!!! Including Heartlake Hospital. I luv the extra loft space, where I'm gonna place a furniture and door to create a ski resort :)

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