August 4, 2017

Review: 41321 Snow Resort Off-Roader

Time to get away from the sweltering heatwave at Heartlake City, and go snowboarding!  I don’t know what’s going on here with these winter themed set’s being released during the summer time ...  However I’m not complaining, because when its hot, it’s cool to pretend you’re some place chilly!

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Below is the front of the box. It has the Friends Winter themed design, with five BFF's at the top right.

This set includes one mini doll, Emma, her snowboard and Jeep, and a snowy play area with a rail to grind on and a flag indicating this is a snowboard park!

The back of the box has a few good pictures of the off-road vehicle and Emma riding her snowboard! Their is a cute close-up image of Emma with some earmuff’s on. While this set includes an all important snowboarding helmet, there is no alternative hairpiece included with those green earmuff’s, drats!

This is a fun little set and provides all the things required to imagine traveling to the local ski hill for an action packed snowboarding day!

Inside the box is an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, and 140 Lego pieces! Here they are, all unpacked and organized… I’m ready to start building!

This set includes a new mini doll hair piece, and three awesome parts in never before released colors!

I especially look forward to using these new parts, and have plans for that window piece provided in dark blue!

Here is a closeup of Emma with her new snowboarding helmet on!

Here she is again, ready to tackle the slopes. She is well prepared to be safe and warm with her fleece lined snow suit, medium azure colored gloves with matching helmet, and an all important park map.

This set includes this small snow park play area, complete with a park flag, bunny slope, and a rail to execute tricks! Maybe you can expand this by adding your own parts to add more features to the snowboard park!

After taking care of Emma and the snow park, its time to build the Off-Road vehicle. The instructions are very good, and its an easy build that goes together quickly.  There are two stickers included for the vehicle. In my opinion, they aren’t really needed, and the car looks just as good without them.

Here is a picture of everything you get to build:

Note: Their are 7 extra small parts included, but none are particularly interesting...

The instruction book includes a page showing the other winter themed sets released this summer. I really like the inclusion of the photos at the top right showing some of our Friends enjoying the slopes together, as BFF’s always should!

The Off-Road vehicle has many features that I appreciate. The roof can be easily removed to provide easy access to for placing mini doll’s inside. While the interior is fairly plain, it does include seating for two, and a steering wheel. The back of the car has plenty of room for storing accessories, like the included resort map and briefcase.

Here is a final image of the set. You can open the trunk to access the storage area, without taking the roof off. The roof also includes a stud in the middle that can be used to attach the snowboard.

This set is a fun addition to the Winter Themed sets released this summer.  I appreciate the inclusion of the small snow park, even though it is very simple. I expect many kids will expand the snow park adding on all kinds of features, like jumps, a half pipe, and perhaps even a downhill racing area!

I hope you like it as much as I do.



Xyra Silverleaf said...

Ooo, that's cool!

Blondwave said...

Yeah, that's adorable!!! My fave features are: Emma's hair (or I'd rather say a helmet?), roof snowboard holder, removable roof, openable trunk... Great job, Tyler!!!

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