May 18, 2021

Review: 41677 Forest Waterfall

Lovely day in the forest just outside of HLC for an electric scooter ride over a log bridge to explore behind a waterfall and roast marshmallows.

Rare and Newly recolored parts: The waterfall is created by using a 2x5x2 cockpit windscreen with shaft in transparent blue opal satin (rare, only since 2020). The flower crowns, 2x2 nose cone and 2x2 plate with center knob are new in bright green for 2021. Also new in dark green is the 8x8 1/2 circle plate.
Those parts together create such wonderful evergreen conifers -- that I can't believe we've gone without this color for these parts for so long. The green crown by itself makes a nice bush; it also looks a bit like a teeny forest house.

Of course we get an adorable forest resident squirrel. Binoculars for the views, and electric scooter for traversing the bridge ... quietly. None of these items are new, yet only the 3rd appearance for the scooter.

Andrea is ready with a metallic blue ruffled vest over a magenta leopard print top, which first appeared in Andrea's Accessories Store. Her Teal boots with gold rivet buckles are not new, yet great for forest romping.

Olivia is wearing the same top from Nature Glamping, yet paired with a hot pink skirt and azure sandals. The shirt under the v-neck is a floral print, and her belted halter top has fabric gathers printed on the back.

Let's look at the build process: here is the base before any rocks or trees. You can see there is a blue gem hidden behind the waterfall. This "adventure and explore" aspect is another fun thing about Friends. The arch opening at the bottom of the tree trunk has a brown Acorn, which was no doubt stashed by the squirrel.

Next we clip on the "water" feature of the newly recolored transparent blue opal 2x5x2 cockpit windscreen with shaft piece; then push it against the rock formation to line up with that 1x2 medium azure plate. Quite effective!

Another newly recolored part is the small nose cone piece as treetops -- in bright green for 2021.
From the backside, you can see the blue gem, and how the view is through the trans opal.
The model gets flora, a camp site with stools, and a cut-log-braced wooden bridge.
Eight spares are nice for such a small set; at first I wasn't sure I missed a step when I saw the extra 1x1 bright green small nose cone -- yet I don't think I did. So, it could be added onto the build as an evergreen seedling.

The box is too small for curves, yet is a perfect size for a backpack on a camping trip. Just in case it rains and you need an activity in the cabin or tent.
It contains 1 large and 1 small non-numbered bags, 3 plates, and instructions -- no sticker sheet.

Box back depicts these Friends finding that gem. For a list of all the 93 parts, see the instructions page pdf on the LEGO site.

One last look at the Forest Waterfall build with Olivia ready to roast a huge marshmallow, while Andrea spots a squirrelly rider!


The use of a cockpit windscreen as the arcing water for this waterfall is an example of NPU (nice parts use); when it's a part typical of another category (such as vehicle part in this case) it reminds builders to think outside of the box of parts.  The build is also a nice example of a "forced perspective" diorama.

This is a very succinct build for depicting a forest landscape with only 93 parts. The flower crowns and cones in bright green really go along way for this result. As I mentioned above, this is ideal set for kids (or adults) to toss in a backpack for a camping trip. Either if it rains, or at night if you can't be outside -- sitting in a cabin with a fireplace lit would be a nice place to build this. I'd recommend taking an extra zip baggie for the small parts to make the journey home.

These less-than-100-piece small sets used come with only one mini-doll and no stickers.  Getting two mini-dolls now seems to be a trend.  This will make core fans happy.  Not having stickers should make most AFOLs happy.  Although I have warmed to stickers, I love the printed cut-log tiles. 

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.



Xyra Silverleaf said...

Very nice set. The new trees seem nice, but I like mine to be more leafy or if these are evergreens, they are too smooth.

Anonymous said...

Lovely woodland setting which I couldn't resist picking up.
Xyra, those conifer-like trees look better with an added green 'petal' base part and a narrower trunk as shown in the Forest House set. -KW

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