May 18, 2021

Review: 41682 Heartlake City School

Marisa is the Teacher at this classic brick school with Ionic columns. HLC School is new for 2021, as this city's growth continues.

Before school begins, let's learn more about this new HLC School by going inside the build.

The Basketball hoop stand and Lunch table is built first with bag 1 parts. We get a newly recolored Laptop in Magenta (reddish violet) with a sticker of some sort of data chart graphic.

Let's properly study our mini-dolls:

Olivia is wearing a new-for-2021 navy blazer jacket over a new-for-2021 Lavender cable sweater, with a buttoned-up white shirt underneath. The sweater trim is azure, while the jacket lapel trim is cool yellow -- like her skirt. The shield shaped lapel pin is of a navy heart wearing a graduation cap.
There is no back print of the cool yellow trim.

Julian is wearing the same new Lavender cable sweater over a white-button-down, and the same heart/graduation cap logo pin on his vest. The shirt collar doesn't extend around his neck and the vest is smooth in back.

Marisa is a new-for-2021 mini-doll as the Teacher. She is wearing a lovely spring yellowish green top with silver necklaces and a coral high-waist belt. The navy trim matches her mid-calf length skirt, and silver sandals go with her jewelry. Her cool yellow hair piece is hard plastic. A slight peachy side-smile and blue eyes give her a very approachable look.

The Lunch room is the first module we build. The medium nougat wall panel is not new, yet rare. The Lavender round plates with center studs are newly recolored for 2021. Those and teacups are certainly nice for a school. The 3 different sandwich choices look great too!  One uses newly recolored 1x1 in flame yellowish orange.

Next we add the center foyer with a drinking water fountain, lockers, the school Trophy showcase, and more lockers.
The front gets greenery and flora, plus white columns and trans blue entrance doors.

Now we add the Music and Drama room. Once the chest for costume items is stocked, we place it on the center magenta stud -- for secure storage, yet easy access. The keyboard, mic, and guitar stand goes on the left wall.

Using shield parts, new in glow-in-the-dark color, we create the Drama sign with stickers, then attach it above the stage lights. It's a really nice bit of decor that really makes the room lively.  It also uses a newly recolored 1x3 tile in magenta.

The front of the school so far is very classic brick with columns. And, yes, those are actually spare pieces -- the rest are in the chest.

We begin the upper floor with the Art room. A standing easel with canvas and a sitting desk -- both within each of the paint palette. The paint jars and brush can come out easy for play, as well as the easel and subject table with a Pineapple on top.

Next we build the Science Lab -- and prep to study Ladybug beetles though the microscope. Sticker #18 with lots of equations, evolution illustration of tadpole-to-frog, plus other science theories, goes on the right white wall.  The earth blue 2x2 with center knobs used as desk tops are a new color for 2021.

The aqua/azure Bathroom sink counter is what initially connects the top two school room modules together. Then the center windows row; the grey back behind the front clock simulates a mirror.
Technically, per instructions, we're supposed to add each section to the bottom as we go along; yet I wanted to see how modular it can be. Although is it somewhat a Modular, the top modules can't switch positions. At this point the top needs to connect to the bottom to finish the front facade details.

So, now that the upper floor is attached, we add the final front architecture details and signs. This is the new HLC School. It is very much a classic brick and column type of structure.  The medium azure angled 4x6 plates behind the sign are new in this color.
We get an extra roll of toilet paper :-)

Olivia is finishing Science Class learning about that Ladybug, while Julian studies before Lunch. The table is hinged -- with a brick, not plate -- so it's stable and can swivel flush with the Cafeteria. Plus, it's easy to detach and take outside to the front, as we've seen.

The table can also swivel flush with the center Hallway for study after Lunch. Marisa is getting a cup for tea or coffee. I wonder which sandwich she'll choose?

Box front show this new HLC School in a neighborhood not far from downtown. The standard BFF heart inset is about our mini-doll cameo circles, so we know the name of the new Teacher.
Box contents: seven numbered bags, four 8x16 tan base plates, instructions book, and stickers (not wrapped).

Since the large sticker sheet wasn't wrapped with the instructions -- they were a bit bent. Tan base plates help to flatten it for my photograph.

Box back gives a few more activities and class time scenarios to stage or play out. I've mentioned quite a few newly recolored parts in this review, however, a complete list will be on the instructions pdf via the LEGO site.

Here is one more look at the completed school.


This is a very solid brick building that is pleasant to build. Since each bag of parts builds a similar section, it allows an AFOL builder mental space to think about past school days.

Marisa is a welcome mini-doll, as are the new torso prints for Olivia and Julian. Although it isn't a standard Modular in which modules can switch positions, the top can come off if you want to use either sections independently. There are more that just the smooth tiles and far spaced studs, with a couple longer plates -- it remains sturdy. Just make sure to remove loose bits before pulling the top off.

The amount of medium nougat "bricky" bricks is certainly a good reason to recommend this set for any fan. By omitting the front sign stickers, this school could easily sit alongside houses and parks in any themed LEGO City layout.

This overall structure could also become a Bank, Town Hall, or Museum -- just switch out a few parts -- and use your imagination!

The previous schools in HLC were Modular style, in that classrooms could be switched fairly easily. In 2013 Heartlake High was built with cool yellow, then in 2016 a Performance School designed in tan came with a bright yellow bus.
This new school seems to follow similar construction, yet adds fresh new details for 2021.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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