May 16, 2021

Review: 41687 Magical Funfair Stalls

Step right up to see Emma *magically* float in the air!

Camila's levitation trick is just the beginning of the Magical Funfair!

Let's go through the turnstile entrance to see behind at the how the magic is created.

First we build the Face Painting cart that has a gorgeous Teal awning with an iridescent shiny sticker depicting fabric tucked with tassels. The paints palette is a sticker with 4 colors and stars.
It can be moved via its black wheels adorned with hot pink 7-petal flower hubs. A white robot arm holds the clean paintbrush that hasn't been dipped in any color yet.

Next we build the Ticket booth with Magic Playing Cards Tricks. The Magician's Hat sign/stall topper is a super fun design! The sticker is of tickets magically floating in the air, which is complemented by the Teal hat band. Inside there is a locked box; most likely for tickets and cash.

New and exclusive to this set so far is the printed 1x2 trans clear tile that has a card from three suits. Love it!
The "cards" tile get placed onto the smooth cool yellow tile loose, per instructions -- so don't lose it when moving the stall!

Everything bag 1 builds, with nice spares. The Ticket booth and Magic Card Tricks stall gives us our first match-up of bright colors juxtaposed with black and white, which makes this whole set really pop.
Notice the Face Painting cart's awning sticker doesn't seem shiny or iridescent at this angle; from the box art, I didn't realize the stickers where foil backed.

Emma with her own beautiful face paint! New for 2021 for the Magical Funfair sets, she has shiny Butterflies design printed on her face. Her art smock is new too, with straps and back bow-tie over a shirt that appears as Golden Peacock feathers!

Henry is here too; this is the 3rd appearance of this micro-doll.

Bag 2 gives us more newly recolored parts: 6x6 corner plate in Spring Yellowish Green, and 2x2x5 1/4 circle wall piece in Dark Lilac.
The red curtains for the entrance tent get built separately, then installed -- I like that. The vertical row of lights using trans multiple colored 1x1s are enhanced by having glow-in-the-dark 1x1s behind them. It's nice that there is an icon on the instructions page denoting the glow in the dark after light exposure, or else I might have thought they were just white.

Curtains installed, turnstile installed, tent domes with shiny Star stickers and gold toppers added on the top. Then we build the Bunny sign separately before inserting the blue axle pin.
The ears are added per instructions -- yet as I went to install, I could see they were broader that the box art, and more dog position that rabbit. So, in the next photograph, you can see I adjusted each in one stud.

The sign looks more like a cute grinning Bunny face now. Now the Magical Funfair Entrance Tent with turnstile is complete. The spares include an extra glow-in-the-dark 1x1 plate. No doubt this will be fun to see in the dark!

Bag 3 builds very quickly: The roof gets clever connecting techniques for adding the sign sections. A newly recolored 3x3x1-1/3 sphere in white (which has previously appeared in light pink) is used for large cup, topped with a chocolate swirl. The dark pink large nose cone piece used as the cup is rare.

The front of the Ice Cream stall gets stickers of pink ice cream melting, a menu stickers sign, the huge cup and the ice cream cone signs. Offering up a classic Vanilla Ice Cream Cone for a customer.

Bag for builds the Magic Levitation stall; here is the panel section that raises up and down, and the base. The vertical striped unit fits freely onto the magenta 2x4 tile inside the base.

Once the magic panel is inside, we build around it, finally adding the Technic function parts. Turning the grey grooved knob raises and lowers the Levitation panel.
Connecting these parts with two Technic pins at an odd angle is just a tiny bit tricky -- yet the results are satisfying when you turn the knob the first time.

I'm reluctant to reveal the magic ... yet for this review: After laying on the starry platform, a mini-doll's hand grabs the inkwell piece -- while horizontal, turning the knob in the back makes them appear to rise into thin air and levitate!
The mechanism is very solid when raising the section. It's another clever technique the designers teach us!
The spares are typical small parts. Seems bunny has gone gangsta. So cute with that purple magic hat!

Here is a close-up of the new-for-2021 dark Lilac mini-doll gear Magician's Hat. As you can see, it's about the size of a baby Bunny. The underside shows it is solid/filled-in; that's probably a good thing so nothing gets stuck inside. The shaft/pin of it is firm, and seems a bit stronger than those of bows/flowers that insert into hair pieces.

Camila is a new-for-2021 character in mini-doll form and is fabulous! She has a wee bit of Harley vibe with her jester diamond black and white stockings and high pigtails in her hair. This magenta hair piece if hard plastic, not rubbery.
Her Lavender eyes are striking against her nougat skin tone (same as Olivia circa 2018+), especially with her quirky smile.
The gold accent jewelry and trims on her teal blouse under that golden vest with fancy lapels go well with the angles-cut, layered skirt.
Just ... wow! She's a great start to this new sub-theme.

Camila looks great in the new Magician's Hat and a gold wand. Even though there exists a black wand with white tip, this looks nice.
Her cape is deep magenta on one side and a super cool iridescent on the other. It's a papery-fabric kind that's very lightweight. It looks like she's floating here herself :-)

All the Magic Stalls can connect. Even the Levitation one has a clip or bar on each side. They can be rearranged, or added to; perhaps connect with future sets.

The box shows the setting sun with the larger fair tent and rides in the background. The upper right corner of the BFF heart inset show all 5 Friends with carnival type of outfit, face paint, Mia with a Jester's Hat and Andrea wearing a purple Magician's Top Hat!
Lower right gives us our mini-doll names -- so we know the new character is Camila.

Friends boxes still have curved flanges, except the graphics are continued of the set artwork -- rather than filled in solid purple, or with doodles of sub-themes.
It contains: 4 numbered bags, 2 instructions booklets, and a sticker sheet.

A closer look at the Magical Funfair BFF heart for 2021

The stickers are very shiny and iridescent.

The box side angle shows the trees lit up with tiny lights in the flange; builds from the set; our mini/micro-dolls; and the top has Emma as the ratio model. Love the outfit and graphics!

The back of the box shows the stalls and the Magic Levitation function.
I've listed as many new and/or newly recolored parts as I can discover, for a full list, see the pdf of instructions booklet #1 on the LEGO instructions database.

One last look at the Magical Funfair Stalls.


This is a wonderful entrance area to the rest of the Magical Funfair rides. Being able to see a Magic trick, get ice cream, a face painting, and lose money at a playing cards game while buying tickets -- all before getting on the big rides -- is an amazing start to this sub-theme!

It provides lots of great colorful parts and subtle clever designs, plus a more detailed moving function. It's fun to build each stall separately. Since there are 2 instruction booklets, a builder could share with a friend and each build 2 bags.

Even though they are small builds individually, overall while building, it was exciting to see what was next! This is different than a large building or structure, where it's mostly built-upon with each bag.
It's a nice sub-theme addition to the typical HLC shops. I'd recommend this set for any fan who likes magic shows and going to Fairs. It would be fun to create additional stalls of your own design with inspiration from building these.

This set was provided by The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
Photographs are property of FriendsBricks and are not directed by TLG in any fashion.


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