January 16, 2017

Review: 41308 Stephanie's Friendship Cakes

2017 is LEGO Friends’ 5th anniversary! To celebrate the occasion, Stephanie has baked a special cupcake for each of her 4 best friends and herself! 

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This set is part of the Hobby sub-theme, and as previously seen, each of the five sets has special pictures of the Friends character and her favorite pet on the front of the box.

The back of the box shows a few play features of the set as well as the other four sets in the Friendship Collection.

On the top of the box, the actual size of the best friend charm is shown. Yes, it is too small for your baby brother, and no, don’t let him eat it!

There are three bags of LEGO pieces and a booklet in the box. This set does not come with any stickers!

Now let’s open the bags!

As you can see, there are a few nice printed parts! The painted glass specifically made for Stephanie’s House is also included in this set.

The new flat tile with memo printed on it is also new this year. This piece would have been perfect for the shopping list in the supermarket set last year, but we had to apply a sticker.

The white decoration top (i.e. ice cream swirl) pieces are not as common as pink and brown, so it’s nice to get an extra in this set.

The first things to put together when you open the bags are the characters and the small accessories.

In this set, you get a basic Stephanie mini-doll. She is holding a cupcake and an icing pump. Have you noticed that she and her cupcake are color-coordinated?

Shown here with Stephanie is Daisy the bunny. Many LEGO Friends animals come and go, but Daisy has been Stephanie’s friends since the beginning!

Stephanie’s best friend charm is unique to this set, and you'll need to get four more sets to complete your best friend charm collection!

This is the stove and the oven. The white pot is uncommon, and stands out nicely against the black stovetop. The stove part is the usual repurposed mailbox.

Here’s another area in the kitchen with a stand mixer and a cupboard. Since what’s in the cupboard is milk, I supposed it can also be a small fridge. On top of it is a mixing bowl and spoon (which is just a small stick).

This is the kitchen sink. The sinks in LEGO Friends sets have become quite small, but this one is big and nice!

The last build of the set is the large table with two chairs.

On top of the table are a cake stand, and a recipe card and a jar of chocolate sprinkles or something. The cake stand has a rotating function as the box images show.

So what kind of cupcakes did Stephanie bake? Let’s have a closer look!
Can you tell which cupcake is for which character?

Actually, that is an activity included on one of the pages at the back of the instruction booklet!

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Here’s the answer!

It’s cool how well these simple three-piece cupcakes represent these characters!

The cherry piece which resembles musical notes decorates Andrea’s cupcake, and there’s nothing better to represent Emma than a medium lavender flower on top of her cupcake!

Now all the parts have been put together! And this is what the finished product looks like. Sorry I forgot to include the best friend charm in the picture.

Stephanie and Daisy look quite pleased!

There are lots of tiny pieces left.

You can build another complete set of friendship cakes with these! But remember, don’t let your baby brother eat them!

As I mentioned earlier, 2017 marks the 5th anniversary of LEGO Friends, so let’s look at a couple of things Stephanie did back in 2012!

3935 Stephanie’s Pet Patrol.

That’s when Stephanie first met her best bunny friend! She was on her vehicle patrolling for lost pets when she found Daisy. I guess she ended up adopting her!

3930 Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery. She has always loved baking!

This was a $5 set when it first came out, so it’s smaller than her new kitchen released this year.

The kitchen in 41308 Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes has a design that goes perfectly with 41314 Stephanie’s House also released in January 2017.

Those two sets look like they belong together, and yet Stephanie’s House already has a nice kitchen, so you’ll end up with a house with two kitchens if you combine the two.

Maybe Stephanie's family doesn't mind having two kitchens: one for her and the other for her parents.

Or you can try to redesign her house using some of the builds in this new kitchen set!

But this is a very cute set that is fun on its own even if you don't have the big house set!

Somehow, miniature kitchens are really appealing to some toy enthusiasts, more so than the real kitchens. I'm one of those people, and a new LEGO Friends kitchen is always something I look forward to, as long as there's something new, like the stand mixer and the cake stand in this set!

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