January 26, 2017

Review: 41314 Stephanie's House

When she’s not lounging around at the Beach House, Stephanie can be found at her parents’ house.  Let’s take a closer look!

This set was provided by the AFOL Relations & Programs (AR&P) team of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
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The front of the box shows Stephanie’s House located in a quiet suburban street, with lots of grass for the bunny. The inset at the bottom left gives a snapshot of the back of the building, while the inset at the right shows us that this set includes her parents, Alicia and James.

The set box carries the familiar purple flanges on the sides and ribbon wave across the top, indicating that this set belong to the base theme and not a sub-theme.

The back of the box highlights the numerous playing features and accessories included in this set.

The sides of the box show the usual warnings in various languages.

Inside the box is an instruction booklet, sticker sheet, one un-numbered parts bag and five numbered parts bags. Counting inner baggies, the total parts bag count was 17.

The cover of the instruction booklet features the main image from the front cover of the set box.

A random page from the instructions show that they are easy to follow and clearly laid out.

Unlike the instruction booklet for the last set review I did (Emma’s Photo Studio), the back of this instruction booklet felt more like what we are used to from the Friends sets, with the parts lists followed by a couple of pages to promote other Friends sets, a page for related themes and gorgeous little Emma on the back cover.

I should point out too that, with 154 pages, the instruction booklet was quite a hefty one.

Let’s take a closer look at the parts and the build, starting with the parts in the un-numbered parts bag:

And the parts in Bag number 1:

Not surprising, the parts that immediately caught my attention were the printed glass pieces and the corner door frames. While new this year, neither of these are unique to this set as there is also a window pane in Stephanie’s Friendship Cakes (41308) and the corner frame can be found in Assembly Square (10255) and the Creative Builder Box (10703).

Other interesting pieces to note are the Lavender 2x4 plates which are new in that colour and unique to this set. The 4x4 facet bricks are also new in White this year, having previously only been available in Black and Light Bluish Grey.

There’s also the three mini-dolls, but we’ll take a closer look at them a little later.

These parts build the first section of the house and the little shelter for the baby bunny.

The interior of this section is the kitchen and an eating area in the bay window.

There is a Lavender rug under the table, but it unfortunately does not cover all of the green plate below it. A couple of 1x1 plates in Lavender would be great to fill these gaps.

Let’s take a closer look at Chili’s shelter:

That’s a very big carrot! Chili won’t be going hungry any time soon.

This brings us to the number 2 bag of parts:

After all the excitement of the parts in the number 1 bag, the second bag seems to be lacking much of interest. However, a closer look reveals that the 1x4 modified plates with two studs in Tan are unique to this set. The Tan corner tiles are also new in this colour this year, but not unique to this set.

These parts build the remainder of the structure for the ground floor, including the gorgeous swing seat.

I really like this swing seat. It is sturdy, holds the mini-dolls tight and swings well. Just don’t swing too high as it does hit the lounge room window behind it!

There are a lot of stickers used in this build, mostly to create the backdrops in the rooms. it would be nice to have actual hooks and cabinets instead of stickers in the hallway!

There were lots of goodies in Bag 3:

Things to note:
  • Lavender curved stairs (insert love heart emotion here!), which are unique to Stephanie’s House.
  • Light Aqua 1x3 slopes, which are also unique to this set.
  • Medium Blue kitchen accessories, which are not unique, but you can never have enough cup cake holders!
  • Pie quarters, which look good enough to eat. These are not unique to this set either, but they are the first time I’ve seen them.

It is not hard to guess that these parts finish the structure and interior decorating for the ground floor:

I really badly wanted to move this couch so that it was centered under the window:

The stairs swing out to reveal a flat screen tv. There is also a vacuum cleaner hiding under the stairs.

I love the design of the vacuum cleaner and it’s good to see that James has taken a liking to it too.

This brings us to Bag 4:

There are a few things to note about these parts:
  • The Magenta quarter round spindled fence is the new style with the three studs, which is unique to this set in that colour.
  • The Magenta 2x16 plate is also unique to this set in that colour.
  • The printed tile with the list pattern is also new in 2017, but not unique to this set.
  • The Medium Azure 2x2 slope is also new in 2017, but not unique to this set.
Other things that caught my eye included the hair brush, basket, tennis racquet and arched window piece.

I have no idea what that list includes.  Anyone care to guess what it says?

Bag 4 builds the first half of the upper floor:

The balcony is fixed to the ground floor, but the room and the gable roof come apart:

This section appears to be Stephanie’s room. Love the bedspread and panda calendar (even if it is a sticker).

On the left hand side is a vanity table:

This brings us to the fifth and final final parts bag:

While there were a few parts that caught my eye because I hadn’t seen them before (like the Dark Pink bricks with knobs and the Black round tile with hole), it turns out that none of them are new or unique to this set.

I love the shutters! Interestingly, they are attached using the Dark Pink bricks with the extra knobs, but they could have easily been attached in a number of different ways that would not have looked as unfinished as it currently does. I wonder if they were a late addition to the design?

This section includes the open plan (!) bathroom and study:

I quite like the bathroom in this building, especially the shower head and the basin.

This completes the building:

It feels like it needs another level to make a master suite for Stephanie's parents! speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at the three mini-dolls:

While each one is a mini-doll, they each have a unique body shape, which is more obvious in the side on view:

Stephanie is thin all round, Alicia has less thin legs and James has a more muscular torso.

Here is a closer look at Stephanie:

Stephanie is wearing a Magenta and White sleeveless v-neck top, matched with a Dark Blue ruffled skirt and Medium Lavender sandals. These have been seen in Heartlake City before.

Alicia, on the other had, appears to be all new. She is sporting a Black vest over a Dark Pink top, matched with Light Aqua pants and Dark Blue loafers. She has Blue eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses and a Bright Light Yellow bob with a side part. I thought I had seen hat hairstyle in a different colour but can’t find it anywhere on BrickLink. Not sure how the glasses are staying on her face!

Edit: Thanks to Aanchir  for finding Alicia's hairpiece on BrickLink.

James, with a Sand Green striped shirt, White cropped cargo pants and Dark Blue laced sneakers, also appears to be largely unique to this set. The exception is his tousled Tan hair.

After everything is built, we are left with the following spare parts:

I’ve included the brick separator as a spare. Technically, this is correct as it is included not in the build. It being in the spares has absolutely nothing at all to do with me not noticing it until the end.

Let’s take another look at the set as a whole:

Overall, this is a great set which I think will appeal to both young and older fans.  It was a fun build and is packed with new pieces plus two new mini-dolls.  At the same time, it has lots of play features and places to role play. Just need to add the extra floor for the parents.

This makes two houses for Stephanie so far, one for Olivia (3315) and one for Emma (41095). Hopefully we’ll get to see a house soon for Mia or Andrea!

I’ll leave you with my favourite shot from this review.  Stephanie's parents make such a cute couple!

Thanks for reading! C&C welcome.

Note: All exclusive parts mentioned in the colours noted were applicable at the time this review was posted. Parts may be available in other colours and sets after the post of this review. Brickset and BrickLink were use to verify this information.


Sacha said...

The female thief from one of the latest cmf series has a black hairpiece that looks like the one the mom has.

DangAndBlast! said...

This is the first big house set I've really wanted (well, since set 547 when I was a preschooler!). That bay window! I have plans for this one - double it and hinge it out so the parents have a place to stay, etc. The colors are great.

Unknown said...

Great Review as always

Nick said...

Glad you mentioned a Parent's Bedroom! I was going to mention in all 3 girls homes no parent's bedrooms, I corrected that with the first!

Xyra Silverleaf said...

Did the set include a separator tool? If yes, that's cool! I like to buy these as stocking stuffers. Some people (even ones I consider Lego collectors) don't know they exist! :-O

Thank you for another great review.

Rebecca said...

There are several things about this set that have put it on my wish list. I know my daughter wants it too. I'm looking forward to it.

Kristel said...

Thanks, everyone. Glad you liked the review.

Yes, there was a brick separator!

Xyra Silverleaf said...

That's awesome having a separator included!

Blondwave said...

What more to say? Nothing. In this review are amazing pictures, descriptions and notes which would I say, too (extra floor for parents needed etc.). Thanks for adorable reviews, I'll check out more 😉

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