January 15, 2017

Review: 41309 Andrea's Musical Duet

2017 is LEGO Friends’ 5th anniversary! To celebrate the occasion, Andrea goes on stage with her new singing partner, Cleo the parrot! 

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The overall box front design is the same as last year’s, but it also has the pictures of Andrea and her pet friend, which is unique to this new “Hobby” sub-theme. 

This set is one of the 5 in the sub-theme also known as “Friendship Collection”.

Each set in the Friendship Collection features one of the 5 main Friends characters and her favorite non-human friend. 

It also comes with a buildable heart (“best friends charm”) in the character’s favorite color.

It is shown on the box top for the size reference.

Inside the box, there are two bags and an instruction booklet. 

You have probably noticed it already, but someone new has been doing the main art this year. 

The characters look fun, happy and energetic on these booklet pages, and the new style of art goes perfectly well with the 3D mini-doll version of the characters. 

I’m very happy the Friends team welcomed this new highly talented artist!  

Let’s open the two bags and see what kind of parts we get!

The bird and the guitar are in a new color, and currently exclusive to this set! 

Andrea mini-doll is the basic one that we have seen most often.

There is a page in the booklet where all the five Friends and their best friend charms are shown. 

What that means is: “Collect them all!”

Cleo the parrot is what I was particularly looking forward to in this set! I was happy to add her to my bird collection.

The white bird is from in Elvendale, but all the other six birds can be found in or around Heartlake City.

After putting the Andrea mini-doll together, you start with the smaller builds: the speaker, the music stand, and the small stage for Cleo! 

The product description mentions a revolving bird stand, but Cleo’s stage doesn’t actually have anything that rotates.

The main build of the set is Andrea’s stage. 

This one does have a rotating function, and the orange part of the floor can rotate! The stage curtain in the back is also a nice touch! 

The microphone stand looks a little too big to me; as it’s nearly half the width of Andrea’s body, the crowd may not appreciate that it blocks their view.

So, here’s what the finished product looks like!

As usual, you end up with a few extra pieces.

When this set was first announced, didn't you think of this set which had been introduced 5 years ago? 

3932 Andrea’s stage came with 87 pieces, and featured a nice piano in addition to the stage. 

Which set do you like better? 

I think the stage design itself is more attractive in the new version. It’s also made nicely in Andrea’s signature colors. 

The old version has the feel of a night club show performed for adult audience, but the new version looks more like a family-friendly performance in a park. 

Both are quite different, and I surely don’t mind having both.

Now let’s see Andrea and Cleo in action!

Andrea & Cleo: ♬ “Lalala… Me and my best friends forever till the end…” ♬

Birds: “Hi, that looks fun! Can we join you guys?”
Andrea & Cleo: “Of course! You are all welcome here!” 

Andrea & Birds: ♬ “Me and my best friends forever till the end…” ♬

And now with Livi and all the six Heartlake City birds helping Andrea, the most special show in the history of Heartlake City starts! 

Everyone: ♬ “Me and my best friends forever till the end…” ♬

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Xyra Silverleaf said...

This is fabulous! I love how you built a concert in the park with a large crowd and your flock of birds!

I seem to be collecting the cats, dogs, hedgers, and hamsters. But I love the birds too...and elves dragons! ;-)

Thank you for another great review!

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