January 17, 2017

Review: 41312 Heartlake Sports Center

Happy New Year. 2017 is the 5th anniversary of LEGO Friends. To start off 2017, Robert is going to the Heartlake Sports Center (41312) to work on his New Year's resolution with Mia's help. Let's get active.

This set was provided by the AFOL Relations & Programs team (AR&P) of The LEGO Group for the purpose of sharing set details with fans.
Opinions provided here solely reflect those of our reviewer.
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The front of the box shows the front of the sports center with Mia and Robert. There is an insert showing the inside and back of the sports center.

The box has the familiar purple flanges and ribbon wave across the top indicating this set is part of the base theme.

The back of the box highlights the many play features and accessories included with this set.

The sides of the box have a 1:1 scale picture of Mia. I tested it with my Mia minidoll and the scale is correct. There are also the usual safety warnings and legal notices. On one side is the URL for the new LEGO Life app.

Inside the box are two instruction booklets, a sticker sheet, one 6x16 tan plate and one 16x16 tan plate. The sticker was nicely tucked away inside one of the booklets.

The booklets have the same artwork as the box cover.

Inside the booklets, the instructions are clear and well laid out to follow step-by-step.

The back of booklet 1 features a map of Heartlake featuring Stephanie's house and the pizzeria and fun stuff to do at LEGO.com/friends.

The back of booklet 2 features a parts list and sets featuring Stephanie and Andrea. The very back has the LEGO product feedback and a chance to win a prize.

Here is a closeup of the sticker sheet. It's printed on shiny foil for the mirror effect we'll see later.

Let's start building. Here are the parts inside Bag 1.

The smaller bag contains these pieces.

Parts to note:

-The torso for Robert is new for 2017.
-The 1x1x3 and 1x1x5 and 1x2x5 bricks haven't been released in dark purple before.
-The magenta handbag appears to be a new piece.
-The unprinted white 14mm ball is new to Friends. It was used before only in the 60134 Fun in the Park set (2016 CITY).

First things to assemble are the Mia and Robert minidolls.

Here is Mia. She is wearing the same outfit as in last year's 41120 Adventure Camp Archery set.

Here is Robert sporting his new torso piece. Robert last appeared in the 41057 Heartlake Horse Show (2014).

Finishing Bag 1, we have the soccer/football goal, bicycle, bicycle rack, trophy display, exercise bar with mirror and music player. Mia is rocking a new handbag.

Onwards to the next bag. Here are the parts inside Bag 2.

The smaller bag contains these pieces.

Parts to note:

-The dark pink round corner 4x8 pieces are new to Friends. They were used before only in the 10723 Ariel's Dolphin Carriage (2016 Disney).

At the end of Bag 2, we have the basketball net up and a working sliding door.

On the back side, we have the lockers and threadmill.

Huff and puff, we are running at a good pace on the threadmill. Let's look at Bag 3's content.

The smaller bags contain these pieces.

Parts to note:

-The wedge 8x3x2 open right and left pieces haven't be released in yellow orange before.
-The magenta round 2x2 rounded bottom plate is new to Friends. It was used before only in 41175 Fire Dragon's Lava Cave (2016 Elves).

At the end of Bag 3, we have completed a functional sports center.

These are the extra leftover pieces.

Some of the accessories. We have a box for balls and rackets, a health juice jar with pineapple, cash register with $100 bill, and a water fountain and water bottle.

The gym lockers are perfect for keeping your personal bag safe.

Let's help Robert try out the sports center. First he has to buy an annual gym membership. Mia will show him around.

Mia starts him off on the threadmill. The Technic tubes do roll freely. Keep running, don't stop.

Mia is demonstrating the one hand L-sit position on the single bar to Robert. The mirror sticker is reflective and you can see Mia in it.

Let's do some yoga on the yoga mat. Robert doesn't seem to be very flexible. In time he'll get better at it.

Mia is teaching Robert how to use the gymnastic rings. The rings do swing around.

Careful, don't stand behind the punching bag. The punching bag does also swing freely.

Let's go outside for a quick game of football (or soccer for our USA readers).

One on one basketball. The ball will go through the basketball net.

Let's play racket ball. Are you ready?

We have a climbing wall.

Robert is doing some strength training in front of the mirror. Mia has some extra weights for him to try. Note: the extra weights are not part of this set.

There's even a spot for Robert to sit and catch his breath. His legs and arms are feeling pretty stiff after all that.

Thanks for coming.

Whew, that was exhausting. There is so much to do by yourself or with your friends at the Heartlake Sports Center. You could spend hours being active here. Overall, this is a fun set to build and play with.  It has many pieces of equipment and accessories. It is nice to see that Heartlake has an official gym now. A few years ago I made an exercise room MOC and Mia had those huge weights to train for the job at the future Heartlake Sports Center.

Note: All exclusive parts mentioned in the colours noted were applicable at the time this review was posted. Parts may be available in other colours and sets after the post of this review. Brickset and BrickLink were use to verify this information.

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